A Book Report (1B Chloe Chan)


Book Title: Blizzard of the Blue Moon

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

This is a story about adventure. A brother and sister named Jack and Annie found a tree house that had magic. It could teleport them to any time and any place in history. This time they traveled to New York in 1938 to save the unicorn as Dark Wizard wanted to keep the unicorn’s good magic from the rest of the world.

Jack and Annie read a poem which was written by the owner of the tree house— M. When Annie got lost in Central Park, Jack used the poem’s spell to find Annie. The author wants to tell us that when we face problems, we need to calm down and use the things we have to solve the problems.

When Jack and Annie were searching for the unicorn , they asked two people, but they gave the wrong direction. Jack and Annie felt it was strange at first, at last they found out that the two people were working for the magical librarian, Camelot. They were lending them a hand! It surprised me! I have never thought about this. It is also my favourite part in this story. The author also wants to tell us that sometimes not everybody is leading us the wrong way, sometimes assistance may come as a surprise!

Jack was very calm when his sister got lost. He didn’t get crazy, but tried to think of how he could find Annie. I need to learn from him because when I am nervous, I just can’t calm down to think. Annie was kind . Although the unicorn’s horn had magic, she didn’t take it off from the unicorn. Annie was worried when Dark wizard wanted to take it away. 

The author wrote clearly how Jack and Annie found the unicorn. They faced a lot of interesting things and challenges. Although I knew in the ending Jack and Annie would defeat Dark wizard, the plot was quite amazing. For example, it was out of my expectation that Annie was actually the treasure. 

There is only one defect. That is when Jack and Annie tried to get the unicorn from Dark wizard, it was a little bit boring. There were no exciting scenes like fighting with magic. When Annie read a spell, the wizard was just turned into a glossy duck. It wasn’t like a Dark wizard. Weren’t they too weak? It is better to add more fights and describe how the wizard chased after Jack and Annie. It will be more exciting and appealing.

However, it is still a good story overall. Plus, it is meaningful and inspiring. I highly recommend this book to everyone.