A book report (1C Chan Yan Lam)


Title : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Author : Roald Dahl

  What could be a life-changing moment ? 1 million dollars ? A good teacher ? The power of knowledge ? Could it be… a pack of chocolate ?

  In the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie was born in a poor family. He was almost starving all day long and the one thing he longed for more than anything else was chocolate. At the same time, a successful factory owner, who kept many secrets of his success, was seeking a reliable heir. The name of the special man was Mr. Wonka. He was so famous in the whole world. Once he held a “Finding Golden Tickers” activity, everyone was crazy buying chocolate, just because they wanted to meet Mr. .Wonka. These two men, with two totally different backgrounds met because of a pack of chocolate with a golden shining ticket. Charlie was lucky as in this meeting, Mr. Wonka changed his remaining life-time.

  Mr. Wonka was actually a quite incredible role-model for us. He was a terrific and wonderful businessman and did not even need to work for money anymore for the rest of life. He kept spending time on the factory development, always considering others’ wants. He kept providing the customers with more and more delicious candy, chocolate, gums etc. Even if there were difficulties and problems, such as the spies, he overcame them all. However, he was getting older and older, he made a decision of giving away the factory. It’s really hard to give out your achievements for almost the entire life. Mr. Wonka put the others’ thoughts on top. He knew that no one wanted to lose the opportunity to taste his tasty sweets, so he found a trustworthy child who was Charlie and let Charlie replace him when he retired. His generosity was also the cause of Charlie’s huge change of life. 

  The book contains a perfect description of the environment. Sweet chocolate smells from the smoke, the decoration of every single room in the chocolate factory, even the glass elevator, the author wrote everything in great detail. We can follow the plot and flow more easier. 

  There’s also some fun music element in the story. In the little human Oompa-Loompas’ singing, there are some hidden jokes in the lyrics of the songs. Good use of rhyming words also makes it sound more interesting.  In general, this is a great book. The plot is smooth and joyful. No any boredom has appeared in it. I recommend it to you.