A book report (1C Chan Tsz Hin)


Title: The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes: The Honeybee Murder

Author: Lai Ho

    This is a story of a honeybee. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Waston came to the country of Kent to help investigate a murder case. The case turned out to be so straightforward as it only took them one hour to figure out the truth and catch the killer. Holmes was feeling unexcited, even to the point of disappointment. While riding along in the carriage, Holmes saw another carriage which distributed something strange such as basins, crates and sacks. After reaching the police station and catching the criminal, Holmes heard that there was a man who was yelling,” The honeybees at my bee farm have suddenly all died this morning!” Holmes was curious and went to the man. Holmes  discovered that the bees didn;t die of infectious disease. Holmes continued to investigate and found that someone killed the bees. Holmes found out the plan of Henry, the owner of the bee farm. Henry wanted to kill the bee and the apple farm would close because the apples wouldn’t fruit due to the death of the bees. Henry wanted to buy the apple farm and made more money. Holmes finally caught Henry red-handed and brought him to jail.

   The title of the book,” The Honeybee Murder”, seemed a little bit scary when we heard the word ‘murder’.  However, it wasn’t scary at all. It told us the principle of being a businessman. Henry used the method of killing bees to benefit himself. He used this method to buy the apple farm to match his bee farm to earn more money, but this was a bad example of being a businessman. A businessman should not be foxy, but should be honest and make money in a legal way.

   My favourite character is Sherlock Holmes. He was an expert in analytical observation with a wealth of knowledge. He was helpful and investigated the honeybee case. He always helped people without asking for rewards. He tried to save a life without caring about his life. I admired him very much. He told me to be kind. Whenever people are in trouble, we should try to lend our ‘hands’.

   In the story, the most important messages are to tell us that we couldn’t use an illegal way to get benefits and money. We need to be honest. Being a cunning person would get us into challenges and difficulties. I learned to be a law-abiding person and not to do illegal things such as killing people and distributing CBD.

   The whole story, both ideas and plot, is fantastic. There is only one defect – there is a short chapter which is about the other things in the book. I thought the writer should enrich the main story of the book, not to say something meaningless. The writer should remove the small chapter and add more events to The Honeybee Murder.

   In general, this is an interesting book. I highly recommend everyone to read this book! It isn’t boring and you will have fun while you are reading it!