Letter to the editor on a current issue

February 21, 2019 MANG CHEONG RAYMOND CHAN 0
Dear EditorI have doubt on the views from the letter on September 4 by Tsui Kit-lam, “Stop providing plastic covers for umbrella”.It is undeniable that plastic covers do damage our environment, since plastics take hundreds of years to dissolve, and our landfills will reach their maximum capacity wi.........Read More

My mom is only 20cm tall

“Ring ..ring…”It was the sound of the alarm. That meant I had to get up.“Good morning, Mom…” But there was no response. I couldn’t find my mom!  Where was she? She was still with me the night before.I became so scared and nervous. I tried my best to find her but in vain.  Mom was so responsible.  Sh.........Read More