My mom is only 20cm tall


“Ring ..ring…”

It was the sound of the alarm. That meant I had to get up.

“Good morning, Mom…” But there was no response. I couldn’t find my mom!  Where was she? She was still with me the night before.

I became so scared and nervous. I tried my best to find her but in vain.  Mom was so responsible.  She would not go out without leaving a message.  What could I do?  Suddenly, I heard a very weak sound from my mother’s room.

“Where am I? Raymond, where are you?”

“Oh my God!” S he was my mother.  I was shocked.  She became only 20cm tall and there was a piece of paper next to her.  It wrote, “… want to save your mom, then pass my test.  If you pass it, your mom will return to the normal size; if not, your mom will be like that forever.”

I had to take care of her, so I put her into a mug and brought her anywhere she wanted to go.

“Thirsty. I felt thirsty,” Mom said.

I gave her a cup of water but the normal mug was too big.  I gave her a small Lego Cup. Soon, she said she felt bored, then I took her to the park, but no one could expect what happened next.

A bird suddenly caught my mom and flew up to a tree. Mom was so scared and shouted,

“Help! Help me, my son.”

I was scared, too.

I wanted to use the rock to hit it but suddenly, she dropped down. I rushed to catch her in time but she fainted and became even smaller.

I was terribly scared and my eyes were welled with tears. I didn’t have any solutions, so I could only sit in the park and do nothing.

“I am the magician.  This is the test. Now you’ve passed it and I will turn your mom back to the normal size.”

My mom became normal slowly finally.  I was so happy and I would treasure our relationship more. It was an unforgettable test, scary yet meaningful.

Raymond Chan