The Animal Friends


I have a puppy.

She is lovely and kind.

She is just like a baby.

Everyone wants to take care of her.

She is a cute baby. I call her ‘QQ’.


I also have a butterfly.

She is the most beautiful one.

She likes beautiful things very much.

She always helps me to choose clothes. I call her ‘Vic’.


I have a monkey.

She is very naughty.

She always makes fun of us. She is our clown!

I will not feel bored if she stands next to me.  I call her ‘Kam’.


I have a dolphin.

She is very clever.  She always gets high marks.

She loves reading and she sings well.

She is my idol.  I call her ‘Tao Tao’.


Then, there’s me.

I know what I am.

I am the lazy cat, always sleeping.


Icy Poon Wing Sze

2C 2014-15