You’ve got to be cruel to be kind


My sister is a kind and nice girl. She always plays with me and shares her favorite food with me. She has never scolded me or disliked me. She is truly an angel, a gentle and considerate angel.


But one day she became cruel. It was because my exam was coming but I didn’t study. I was still very lazy. My sister was very angry. She became my teacher and taught me Chinese History. This was the first time she had scared me .


She ordered me to study for 20 minutes and then I would have a test. If I failed the test, I would get a horrible punishment which was to copy the answers 10 times.


That night, I copied many times of the answers. I still remember the answers until now! What a horrible day! After that day, I believed my sister was no longer an angel. She was a cruel and dangerous monster instead.


After the Chinese History Exam, however, I deeply wanted to say “Thank you” to my sister because I got the second highest mark in my class. I could get this brilliant result because of my sister. Thanks for her horrible teaching. I have learnt a lot of things. I remember a lot of history of China.


Although I had a period of hard time hating my sister, I have learnt a lesson,  “You’ve got to be cruel to be kind.”



Poon Wing Sze

2C  2014-15