My thoughts on the beach


It was a beautiful day at the beach. The sun was shining, the water was warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Everything was perfect, until a girl screamed…

Let’s go back a few hours ago. Today was a public holiday. Many people went swimming with their families.

Some people were smearing their sun block to prevent sunburn. Some people were building a sand castle. It was decorated by some seashells. It was beautiful and detailed. There was even a drawbridge. On the other side, some people were playing kayak. They had a lot of fun.

And me? I decided to go snorkeling. It was amazing under the sea. There were colorful corals and different fish. My favorite one was clownfish. They were tiny and cute.

As I was ashore, I heard someone shouting for help. I looked toward the direction to the girl. She was not drown, but bleeding. She said she wanted to catch a crab for her pet. Unexpectedly, the crab bit her finger. Many people, including the lifeguard, ran to the girl. They gave her some simple first aid treatment and sent her to the hospital.

From this experience, I learnt to respect the animals and respect our identity. Don’t hurt them. The beach, our nature, is their home. We should protect them, not to destroy their habitat. Well, there were also some other reasons for people to take crabs and other little living things back home. However, they could not adapt to the surroundings and they would die.

Let’s protect our environment together, respect what we see, then we can play safely and happily. Let’s enjoy our precious moment on the beach.


Wong Ching Tung, Chloe

2C 2014-15