Me, a thief ?!


Last week, something special and memorable happened.  It made me feel so bad and ashamed when I thought of what happened last week!

It was finally Sunday.  I decided to go to the shopping mall near home and buy some food for dinner.  I brought my bag with me and went straight to the mall.  The mall was full of people and I could even smell their sweat when I walked through the crowd.  What a busy Sunday, I thought.

I got a drink at Starbucks as I was thirsty and tired.  Then I took a seat by the window outside the shop, enjoying the afternoon.  After that, I quickly ran to the supermarket as the meat was on sale.  It was incredibly cheap and I wouldn’t miss the chance to get as much as I could.  I ran without looking around clearly and bumped into two girls suddenly.  Their bags were knocked onto the floor.  I quickly helped them to pick up their bags and continued to run toward the supermarket.

The meat that I chose seemed delicious and was amazingly cheap.  I was delighted and went to the cashier to pay for the meat.  Surprisingly, I found something in my bag.  When I looked at it more closely, I discovered that it was a wallet which didn’t belong to me.  I was shocked by the discovery.  Nonetheless, I tried to figure out whose wallet it could be.  All of a sudden, I remembered the two girls whom I bumped into.  ‘It must be theirs!’ I exclaimed.

I quickly went to the place where I had met the two girls.  I really hoped that they wouldn’t worry too much.  But they were not there, so I walked around the mall to try to find them.  I was getting more anxious as they must think that I was a thief!

Finally, I spotted them at the entrance of the mall.  One of the girls looked terribly upset.  I felt sorry and quickly caught up with them just as they were leaving.

‘Hey, excuse me! I…’ I hadn’t finished my sentence when she interrupted, ‘Hey you! You are the one who stole my wallet! Give it back to me! Now!’

I apologized to her immediately and returned the wallet to her.  It took me a long time to explain the whole incident to make them believe me.

That incident was unforgettable because it was the first time in my life when someone thought I was a thief, which was totally not true!