I grow because they care


This photo was taken when I was a little girl.  I don’t remember how old I was in the photo, but I do remember some precious moments back then.

When I was small, I was a very shy girl.  I only talked to my family and good friends, not to mention showing my feelings to other people.  I was very nervous and shy when I met strangers or some relatives.  Maybe I just talked too little, my mum used to call me “turtle”.

I was extremely afraid of the dark when I was small.  I even couldn’t sleep at night and always thought that someone was walking around in the house.  I usually cried at midnight – louder and louder until mum or dad came to comfort me.  But one day, they just didn’t come anymore, although I cried loudly and heartbreakingly.  Maybe they were tired, or maybe they wanted me to be more independent and would go to sleep by myself.

Over the years, I have changed a lot.  Although my fear for the dark still holds, I am not that sensitive and insecure now.  I think my uncle has changed me a great deal.  He knew that I was very timid, so he always brought me to different places to meet more strangers.  At first I couldn’t break through and still refused to talk, but later I began to relax and relate more to people around me.  I must also thank my mum, who has helped me grow.  She is very patient with me no matter how slowly I change.  She always prays for me and comforts me when I am scared.

Now, here I am, stronger and braver, to give my heartfelt gratitude to my uncle and mum.  Thank you Uncle Jose and mum, for your love and patience for me!