My response to the Principal’s teaching on “Be Active, Be Bold, Be Confident”


If we are too timid to face the challenges, we cannot solve any problem.  Then we would become more and more afraid of getting in to trouble.  In the end, we would lose our courage to point out the truth. 

~ Gary

We have to prepare for the lessons before teachers teach us and we must be attentive during the lessons.
~ Carol

I think “Be Confident” can be changed into “Be Creative” because “Be Confident” is similar to the first two and students’ creativity is also important in school.

~ Karman

Some students think that they will fail in everything.  However, we are smart actually, so we need to be confident.  Otherwise, you will be a loser.
~ Kenny

If you want to live up to the high standards of the society, good academic results will not suffice.  You will need to learn ways that will help you fend off the challenges thrown into your life – activeness, boldness and confidence.

~ Bettina

In my opinion, “Be Active”, “Be Bold, and “Be Confident” are like a triangle, supporting each other.
~ Nga Chun

I believe that we can do better in learning if we can be active, bold and confident.
~ Amos

Although teachers are here to help us, we are in charge of our own learning.
 ~ Angela

If all the people are active, bold and confident, I think it is quite horrible.
 ~ Cindy

I think every student wants to answer questions in the lessons but the classmates’ reaction may be a barrier to them.
~ Hong

The second way is that students should be bold enough to admit their own fault.
 ~ Michelle

Remember “bold” does not mean that we do everything without thinking.  For example, if some people tell a boy to go to the lady’s toilet, this is not bold, but stupid. 

~ Jacky