The Little Boat Girl’


Reflections after Reading

The girl Mei-ling in the book ‘The Little Boat Girl’ impresses me a lot.

Mei-ling was a girl living on a junk with her parents, grandma and siblings.  She didn’t like fishing.  She loved dancing.  Living on the sea was full of dangers.  One day an accident came and this nice family was separated.  Mei-ling held her baby brother in her arm and fell into the sea.  Fortunately, they were safe.  Finally, Mei-ling realized her dream – learning to dance, with the help of a woman.  The ending was a happy one.

After reading the story, I asked myself if I was brave enough.  I was not!  I loved crying very much when I was young.  When I felt sad or someone hurt me, my tears would fall down at once.  Now, I still cry easily.  Yet I know that bad things or unlucky things may still happen in my life.  I believe that they are given from God.  The difficulties are to check whether we can solve them.

Besides bravery, the book conveys another message – we must ‘hold on to our dream.  Never let it go – not even for a moment.  All we must do is believe in ourselves.  Everything that happens to us in life is for a reason…’  These are the words Mei-ling was taught.  While I was reading them, my heart was warm and full of energy.  Right. Everyone has a dream.  It is so nice that we can think, speak and have dreams.