The place where every couple should go —— Lucky Village (4B Chan Siu Yeung)


~ Life in Lucky Village 40 years ago

              Lucky Village was not called “Lucky Village” 40 years ago. It was called “Yu Mong Chuen”, which carried the meaning of “Fish Net Village”. From its old name, we could easily know that the village was just a traditional and simple one and its villagers made a living by fishing in the plain good old days. This village is located in Yau Tong, at the coastal area.

              It seems that the village just has a simple background, but a wonderful story has been long told by the villagers there: “If couples go to the village and kiss at the “Bridge of Love”, they would be blessed by the god, and they could step into the next stage of life together soon.” This started the epic story of the village.

~An event that changed Lucky village

              In 1993, a movie “Lovers in Lucky Village” was shown on the screen in the cinema. The movie was filmed in Yu Mong Chuen, and the whole plot of the movie was based on the story told by the old villagers. As the movie had become the blockbuster of that year, the village became well-known by Hong Kong people. Even the British Hong Kong governor, Mr Patten, visited the village in 1995 when Hong Kong was still under the British rule. Starting from that time onwards, outsiders started to call this village “Lucky Village” instead of “Yu Mong Chuen”. And with this brand new name, the village has become more and more famous, and more and more local people visit the village, and the village has changed from a traditional fishing village to a traveling spot.

~What Lucky Village is famous for

              After “Yu Mong Chuen” has changed to “Lucky Village”, the village becomes a tourist spot where couples would like to visit. In these 20 years, more and more villagers decided to move to the city, but some also choose to stay. There are cafes, photo-taking shops, and cake-baking shops opened by the villagers. They are fabulous places for couples to go on a date. Moreover the bridge, where couples could marry after they had kissed in the old days, turned into a love lock bridge, where couples leave their promises on the locks. On Instagram, there are numerous posts, featuring the bridge. It would be great if you could visit with your other half, but it is still a good place for you to relax and leave a post on social media!