An Extraordinary Exchange Experience in Hong Kong (4B Leung Yee Lam)


Today is the thirty-fifth day since I arrived in Hong Kong as an exchange student from France. As I’m fond of Dim Sum and everyone says that Hong Kong is a fantastic place that makes visitors want to stay longer, visiting Hong Kong has always been my dream. Everything I experienced in Hong Kong lives up to my expectations.  

Has anyone noticed how convenient the public transport network is in Hong Kong? At the beginning, I wasn’t aware of how convenient and efficient the public transport is. I reserved 2 hours to travel to Sai Kung from my dorm at the University of Hong Kong. I travelled to Choi Hung by the MTR (the metro system of Hong Kong) and took a minibus from Choi Hung to Sai Kung. It turned out to be a journey that took me only fifty minutes. The high frequency MTR schedule with an average interval of three to five minutes has really speeded up my journey. 

Furthermore, I believe Hong Kong has the world’s cleanest metro system, which covers nearly everywhere in the city. The clear instructions in the metro are really helpful too. I don’t spend much time looking for exits and ticket machines even though I couldn’t read Cantonese. The whole experience is spectacular as the metro system in France are generally pretty filthy and its signs are confusing. It usually takes more than 2 hours to travel from densely packed streets to the seaside and beautiful hiking trails. Even though I have lived in France for 19 years, I could still get lost in some of the train stations due to the complexity of the metro system. In addition, you may find it difficult to get to your destinations without a car. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve a car or not in Hong Kong because of the well-developed public transport network. Isn’t this reason enough to make you want to come to Hong Kong?

Besides the highly developed and sophisticated transport system, the Cantonese cuisine and the heartwarming service in the restaurants are also impressive. From my experience, the waiters in Hong Kong are surprisingly patient and friendly, which is totally different from people’s comments towards them. In Dim sum restaurant near my dorm, the waiters rake orders from the customers directly instead of receiving orders from tablets. I was anxious during my first visit as it was really challenging task for an introverted person to order food in a foreign country, not to mention that I could barely speak Cantonese. However, the waiters tried their best to introduce the Dim Sum with all English expressions that they knew and body language. This made me feel relaxed and encouraged me to talk with them more confidently. Their friendly manner means a lot a foreigner. Moreover, the portion of my food is often larger than that of others, which I suppose is an act of kindness from waiters too. As they may think I wouldn’t have many chances to taste it. Additionally, I find that the Dim Sum in Hong Kong is much more mouth-watering than that in France. I dare say no one could resist the temptation of delicious Dim Sum, not even the pickiest eaters. The human touch shown by Hong Kong waiters have really moved me. I could reassure you that this thoughtful act couldn’t be observed anywhere else in the world. People would only stare as if you’re a weird diner.

Last but not least, if you’re still struggling with whether you should choose Hong Kong as the exchange destination, stop thinking and grab the chance! I’m leaving Hong Kong in 40 days, come and have a fun with me before I leave. Hong Kong is a vibrant and energetic city where you can have a life-changing experience. I could guarantee you Hong Kong has everything you need despite the size of the city.

I hope to see you in Hong Kong and be your tour guide to visit different places with you! There’re a lot more to share about my adventures in Hong Kong, and I will update my blog next week. Follow my blog and stay tuned!