The story of Lucky Village (4A Law Sum Yuet, Aria)


Lucky Village, the most mysterious village in Hong Kong, was discovered only 50 years ago. Until now, nobody can confirm when the place was built, or even if it ever existed before being seen by our very own eyes. You might have visited this village for its museum, and have seen a few sculptures made of the greenish-blue mood or the cat face geoglyphs. However, do you actually know where they came from?

Life in Lucky Village 45 years ago

Originally named “Warped Village”, Lucky Village was home for only 8 families, approximately 50 to 60 people in total. Villagers grew crops, went fishing, and celebrated the festival together. They shared everything with each other. Behind their farms, it was a warped forest. The tree trunks of warped trees with dark red in colour come on with astonishing natural carvings on them. They also have drooping branches and leaves. In summer, fireflies landed on the greenish-blue leaves. It looked like an enchanted forest with glowing trees. Even villagers danced and stargazed inside it very often. Warped trees were the only type of hardwood found near the village. In that case, villagers had no choice but to chop part of them down for homeware. Being extremely isolated, the village only installed one telephone for all villagers to use. Since the Warped Village was self-sufficient in everything they need not communicate with any outside this. Also because of this, the only rotary phone located at the centre of the village became an important component for the accident which changed their lives.

An event that changed Lucky Village

One night at the Mid-Autumn Festival, the villagers gathered at the warped forest as always. They ate mooncakes and appreciated the moon. After midnight, everyone returned, but nobody realised that a paper lantern had been left in the forest. Soon the warped trees caught on fire. People who noticed immediately swarmed towards the centre of the village. Panicked, they fought over the telephone to call for help. ‘Crack!’ Their only hope had been shattered on the ground into pieces. Just as the adults were staring at the broken metal in shock, they heard children exclaim, “A cat! It’s jumping through the fire!” The shadow of a cat was leaping over the flames. Miraculously, every patch of grass, and every branch it stepped on was safe from the fire. Just in half an hour, everything returned to normal. The only difference was that the warped forest was replaced by a mountain of ash, and some collapsed houses. Most importantly, a group of geoglyphs which looked like a cat face appeared on the burnt crop field out of nowhere.

What Lucky Village is famous for

In 1972, a group of hikers discovered the “Warped Village”. By the time the hikers visited the village, there were only three people left living in the village. The press did research on this mysterious place, and interviewed the three villagers who were already around 80 years old. After knowing about the incredible story that happened in the village, people gave this place a new name – Lucky Village,and named the black shadow cat, Lucky.

Every year, many visitors from all over the world visit the village to take a look at the mysterious warped wood furniture which can only be found in LuckyVillage. Unfortunately only a few pieces of the wood are left undamaged after the fire; they are now being displayed inside the Lucky Village Museum. Furthermore, another worth-visiting view of the village was the one and only 10 km long geoglyphs in Hong Kong. A concrete road has been built around the ‘cat face’ so that tourists may take a closer look at this spectacular art from nature.