A diary entry (3A Wong Yui, Angela)


1st September 2022       Thursday                                                                                     Sunny 

Dear Diary,

Well, I have just entered a new chapter in my life ;-; ! Oh yes, so I opened a new chapter for this piece of letter to you. Yeah, so you are getting more and more chapters as I grow up. Look! 👀 You are now such a big fat book. XD Don’t be mad, though. It just shows how long our relationship has been :). 

Anyway, gotta focus on my new start this year. Well, originally I was not excited about the start of the new year at all… You know what, none of my close friends from the previous years were there. 🙁 I was so afraid that I would be very lonely for the rest of the year… What’s even worse was that 3A’s classroom is on the 4th floor while all other form 3 classrooms are on the 5th floor, which means, if I want to find my pals, I have to climb a flight of stairs to find them. How come…meeting my friends is gonna be extremely inconvenient.😭 Bruh:( Are 3A students supposed to be lonely in-born, as the classroom is being geographically isolated? Nevermind, I gotta be optimistic, perhaps I can walk one floor less every morning LOL.

Well, I had to say, the most exciting moment of the whole day was when we sat quietly in the classroom, waiting for our class teachers to come. The most horrifying moment was that when the disciplinary teachers or those so called “strict” teachers walked by, all of us “coincidentally” gave a gasp of shock. Yet, when they walked away, all of us “coincidentally” breathed a sigh of relief. This “phenomenon” seemed to be natural but now I think again it was such so amusing HAHA🤣. Anyways, after several heart-attacks our “real” class teacher finally came. Phew! Our class teacher is Mrs. Lee. She is a nice and kind teacher, I suppose. I have never been taught by her, but at least she looks kind, and speaks gently. Yet, at that time I wondered where were the two other class teachers/ :ater I knew, another class teacher was Mr. Yeung, the one and only music teacher in Carmel. A quite humorous and friendly teacher:). Still, I’m so sorry I still couldn’t tell you who is the remaining class teacher. Yeah, you guessed it. To be more precise, I knew the class teacher was going to be Mr. Leung (whom I haven’t seen before), but since he caught COVID so he won’t be back till next week. Bless Him🤧. You know, I was so excited to see him, as I heard that he  is a super cool guy XD. (Fun fact: Today when Mrs. Lee announced the remaining class teacher was Mr Leung. I was instantly very happy as I thought she was talking about Mr. Leung who taught me Maths last year!!! He was one of my favourite teachers!🤩🤩🤩)

Do you remember last night I told you I was so worried but excited? Now I was basically relieved… All the class teachers sound amiable👍. Although I haven’t known the subject teachers, nevermind. I guess I shouldn’t be too worried?

Such a brilliant start for the new academic year. I got unexpectedly affable classmates and easy-going teachers. Wow, I couldn’t believe how fast all these years have been. In the blink of an eye, I am now a F3 student. WHat??? I have almost passed half of my secondary school life??? Well, in the past two years, my secondary school life was being severely interrupted. I couldn’t really think of a lot of unforgettable moments with my classmates. Just around half a month ago, my F2 secondary school life ended. I am still not yet ready… Well, I know I have to move on, even how much I missed the past, how much I wanted time to stop for a moment to let me enjoy… I got a wonderful start today, and hope it could sustain for the remaining time. The pandemic has deprived many of my opportunities to spend time with my friends, classmates and teachers in the past years, and now it’s time for me to take a revenge, resize my opportunities back, and leave precious memories with 3A. 

So yeah. It’s time for sleep. I still haven’t completely gotten used to waking up early. Talk to you tomorrow. Good night😴💤!