A diary entry (3A Chan Yee, Chantal)


1st September (Thursday)                                                                                                                           Sunny☀️

Dear Diary, 

     Phew! I’m so glad today’s over. I can finally leave the horrifying roller coaster of the first day of school, stopping my mood from going upwards and downwards and upwards and downwards…XoX

     As I first stepped into the new Form 3 classroom, my heart was racing so fast, and I felt like trembling. I imagined my new classmates and class teachers staring at me with threatening looks like monsters in my nightmares. But you hear that. It was just imagined. Our class teacher, Mrs Lee, actually seemed very nice. With a gentle and soft voice, she reminded us to sit according to our class numbers. OMG. I forgot my class number!:O (I knew it on the Student Registration Day, but my goldfish-like memory has kindly helped me to erase it from my tiny brain.) What could I do?

     You guessed it right, I literally stood next to the blackboard, waiting for Mrs Lee to further instruct me. WHY was I such a COWARD!!?? WHY couldn’t I proactively ask for help? Anyways, Mrs Lee approached me and I finally sat, Luckily, no one noticed my stupid and weird behavior:D Btw, my seat is at the front of the classroom. That’s quite nice, as I’m a short kiddo😅and the only friend I had in Form Two, Summer, was sitting next to me😆. So everything was settled and the School Opening Ceremony was about to begin. I felt as relieved as an ant having its heavy food well stored after carrying it for hours😄

     Well, I think you have already had an idea of what a School Opening Ceremony feels like. All that “friendly reminders’ ‘ which have been repeated for year… You know what I mean. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see students yawning or even falling asleep. Let me just be honest, I was one of them😅. I wish I had chewing gums waking me up! I mean, I was still physically awake, but paying full attention to the ceremony, where teachers were talking about those stiff school rules, was almost an impossible mission. When I was abou tto lay on the wall of teh classroom, hoping to take some rest, a glare frightened me. It was Mr Tong, whose nose is pointed. His eyeballs were enlarged and he was walking towards me with heavy steps, about to catch me like a prey. He shouted, “Get out of here!” Yes, I really had to get out of there- my ridiculous world of daydreaming. In fact, he just looked at me for a second(lol, how on earth was my imagination so vivid? Haha, I’m sure you were perplexed when you heard the scary behaviour of Mr Tong, which only came out of my mind! Ha, you have been deceived!), and I really tried to sit better and focus after that. To my surprise, the ceremony ended soon:).

     Next, the class teachers held an ice breaker. A paper with 9 boxes were given to us, and in those boxes were characteristics of people, such as “living in Whampoa” and “having siblings”. Then, we were to find classmates who had those characteristics and ask them to sign beside the corresponding box(es). The student who collects 9 signatures within the shortest time wins. I smirked with confidence as I found out that many characteristics written in the boxes on the paper matched Kathy’s. That means I could collect many signatures from her alone, quickly getting the job done! At the moment that that sense of hope made me become over the moon, Mrs Lee started announcing a bad news, “One person can’t sign more than one box!”

     My heart sank- oops, I’d have to talk to people I don’t know. ARGHHH. Sigh. I’d have to do that anyway. I can’t only rely on Summer the whole year, right? I gotta have some new friends after all. In spite of how uncomfortable I felt, I still stepped out of my seat and tried to make my paper less empty. Talking to new and unfamiliar classmates, fortunately, was less embarrassing than I thought it’d be. As they were really friendly and willing to get to know me while also introducing themselves, a glow of warmth poured out from the bottom of my heart. I then felt very encouraged to talk to more people. It was the most peaceful moment I enjoyed today:) I guess it’s not that hard to gain a sense of belonging in this classroom. Don’t you agree?

     Well, I haven’t finished talking about the ice breaker. I eventually won the game as I got 9 signatures before everyone else did!! Can you believe it? I could never have imagined how I would turn from not wanting to anyone(except Summer though) to eventually winning the game because I was brave enough! Hey, are you happy for me? 

     Gosh, I just realized that I’ve written so much. I sincerely thank you for always digesting my emotional trash(especially all my rubbish talking today, I was just having so many feelings). You know, it’s so difficult to find such an intimate confidant in real life. I literally cannot express my gratitude for having you as my loving friend. Thanks so much for accompanying me as I go through all my mood swings. And yea, perhaps I’d have to go to bed soon. Bye for now!