Imaginative Writing (2C Lau Siu Wan, Amelie)


 It was dark. I couldn’t see anything. The texture of the area I was in was rough and hard. I was uncomfortable. I didn’t know where I was. I heard yelling outside. It went on for ages until I heard a slam, then there wasn’t any noise. I checked time, and it was already night.

  I was about to accept my fate and wait for my energy to run out. This was new to me so I didn’t really know what to do other than that. But suddenly, I saw light. “Have I made it to phone heaven?” I thought to myself. Of course I was wrong. It was my owner. He grabbed me quickly and swiftly ran out of the dark area we were in. At that time, I couldn’t manage to open my eyes, but judging by the atmosphere, I could tell that we were getting out of the master’s bedroom, or how my wonder would call it, “ The Dragon’s Lair.” I felt like I was Princess Peach being rescued by Mario from Bowser. My owner has to be swift and quiet. He was Mario and I was Princess Peach, as for Bowser… you can figure it out yourself.

  After a while, my owner took me out with him. I didn’t know what’s going on until I dug up his text messages between him and his friends. Apparently they were meeting up to go to a concert. Now that I think about it, I did remember getting nosy and asking Ms Apple Calendar for his plans this month. That’s when it hit me. It was almost his birthday. But a concert? At such time? Wasn’t that kind of dangerous? Most importantly, why was I in The Dragon’s Lair? Was it some form of punishment? At that time I couldn’t make sense of this foolery, but little did I know the answer to that question was way worst.

  By the time my wonder was walking to the bus stop, it was already midnight. The streets were quiet and peaceful until something happened.

  “Ouch! My legs!” My wonder screamed. I suddenly felt a falling motion and landed on the floor. I opened my eyes and saw my owner. A tree branch was lying on his legs. The tree branch wasn’t big but it but it was big enough to break and stomp on my owner’s legs. I knew exactly what to do. A while back then my wonder was watching a movie from a producer named Mr. Netflix. Of course I was watching the movie with him too. During the movie something like this also happened. Ergo I had knowledge on what to do in these situations. I called my good friend Siri and told her to call 999 for an ambulance. I intentionally notified my owner about this by speaking louder so that my owner could know help would be coming and he could tell them our location.

  In the end, my wonder was a smart enough to realise what I did. After a while I saw the flickering red and blue lights. I couldn’t figure out that my owner was safe so I closed my eyes.

  Before I knew it, I was facing a white ceiling with a doctor talking in the background. From what I heard, my owner broke his legs. He has to stay in the hospital for a few days to rest. I could tell that my owner was seriously hurt as even the Dragon was comforting him. I was shocked to see this side of her. It was like an hex had been cast on her. I was energetic since my owner focused on resting and I had enough rest at the hospital.

  After my wonder got out and had a few trips to the hospital, my owner finally recovered. At that same time, it was his birthday! During the night before his birthday, I waited patiently to surprised him with the help of Siri when he woke up, but then something unexpected happened. A slim hand with long and sharp coloured nails took me from my bed. 

  And that leads to right now. It is dark. I cant see anything. The texture of the area I am in is rough and hard. I am uncomfortable. I know where I am. There is no yelling, no light after a while and no slam this time. They are cheering and laughing. “Thanks for the new phone. Mom!” Then there’s me, alone and waiting for my death.

  I guess betrayal can happen anytime, even on the happiest, most looked forward day.