Imaginative Writing (2C Lai Yu Chen, Vicky)


“For a mobile phone to complain about how tiring its job is is absolutely pathetic. Don’t you think so? Mhm… Yeah, I think so too. But here I am…” A mobile phone is absent-mindedly lying on a cold, hard surface of a small drawer beside a bed bitterly.

“Click-!” A faint noise signalled the opening of the front door. Quickly comprehending the situation, I shut my pitiful mouth after letting out an annoyed sigh escaped my lips.

Minutes of complete silence passed before the doorknob to the bedroom I resided in turned. Felling sick would be an understatement.

The large thud of the schoolbag being thrown onto the floor surprised me no longer. With the flick of the lightswitch, the room was completely luminated by a bright, eye-burning light. The girl I called owner was back… ‘Please don’t commission me to do anything. I’ve already had enough of your dumb all-nighters. I really want to take a break-’ I prayed wholeheartedly, hoping the heavenly deities could hear my cries of help.

“Ugh! Finally, some me-time! The school sure is a nuisance in giving so much homework…” My owner groaned in frustration. Yet instead of finishing the tons of homework she  claimed to have, she started strangling me with those greasy fingers of hers.

A few harsh taps landed on my vulnerable body as my owner commanded me to wake up one of my many pawns, “Instagram”. I protested, in hopes of disrupting her connection to the global library, yet to no avail, all my endeavors went to waste.

It felt as if millenniums had passed staring at that face of an addict. I was under a total burnout! ‘Her activities! I can’t even keep track of them anymore! Can you imagine?! Me, a mobile phone who is always aware and stalking every, single, move of its owner!’ I pouted in my mind.

Issuing an order to the notification centre, a small message popped up on my torso. “You seem to have scrolled on your phone for too long, perhaps do some exercise or work before continuing?” My owner read out.

“Work…” She murmured. What she read made her eyes widen in surprise. “Right! There’s still school tomorrow!” She gasped. I was a bit touched as she still remembered her duty as a student. Yet, before I could proceed cheering, her voice rang into the ears of mine.

“Eh, who cares… Might as well leave it undone.” In a sing-sang voice she spoke such ridiculous words.

  Just as I closed my eyes, waiting for her finger to land on me. Something horrible happened…

I felt myself falling. My mechanic heart sank. Peeking through my eyes, I saw my owner. Clutching onto the fabric of her nightgown to her chest with a face I supposed… Discomfort? Her erratic breathing was all I could hear. Beads of sweat accompanied me as I plummeted towards the ice-cold marble floor.

I knew exactly what was happening… Too many of my fellow electronic co-workers spread the word of the passing of their owner due to the lack of sleep.

I would help if I could, but… I’m merely a mobile phone… Your possession, my owner. Without your command and permission, I would be nothing but an empty shell. “You let your desire for entertainment corrupt your entire soul… Utterly risible… Isn’t it strange how I ended up being the one possessing you… You are no different from those who have deceased from the same hideous reason… No, self-, control…”

How odd… I no longer felt pain when my body crashed to the ground. A broken nervous system you say?… No, it’s numbness being polluted by worldly filth… A snow-like blank slate that has been tainted ink black…