Life is a garden (2B Chan Ying Yuk, Yolanda)


Life is a garden. We have all got one beautiful which was give to us by God. Our gardens are all unique. For example, our garden’s soil may be fertile and rich while others’ may be loose and sandy, just like the difference between rich and poor people, smart and unwise ones. To cultivate the garden, we need to do a lot of work to make it ready to grow plants. Similarly, we need to work hard in order to equip ourselves with knowledge and wisdom for our future. 

After preparing, we need to decide what we are going to plant in our garden. Vegetables for eating or beloved blossoms for watching? Just like life, we can decide what we are going to do in our future, from striving for our dream job to travelling around the world. The choice is ours. 

No matter how big our dream is for our garden, we still need to put a lot of effort into nourishing it. We need to water, weed, and fertilise our garden in order to grow our plants. Depending on how hard we have worked on our garden, results may vary. If we attentively take care of our plants, they will grow beautifully. If we do not even water them for once, the plants will wither. Like life, if we do not strive hard for our dream, it will never come true. 

After enjoying the fruits of our garden, the plants may start to wither one by one. Yet this is an inevitable change in life too. Our loved ones, our family, even we ourselves will start to age. However, if we make the most of our lives and do everything we canto make it meaningful, then we will have no regrets when we pass away. There is a famous saying, “If we can’t add days to life, add life to days.”

So everyone, starting from today, start to make your soil fertile and be prepared for your future and be sure to make the most of every day so that you can grow a gorgeous garden.