A diary entry (2B Tsang Ka Chun, Jason)


13 September, 2022                                                                                                            Stormy

Dear Diary,

Oof! I’m so glad today’s over. It was literally a nightmare! As we know, friends are our sounding board, those we bounce ideas with, share information, including secrets, and always offer support or guidance. No matter whether you believe it or not, I normally believe true friendship is what we should treasure. Nevertheless, everything has changed.

Today, as usual, I stuffed my feet into the shoes and scampered to school joyfully. When I entered the classroom, surprisingly, everyone was enthusiastically discussing something like, “Look! Big monkey is coming!”, “Hello, Big monkey!”.  I was stunned, turning pale and gulping. Have I done something wrong? Why did they shoot me a sly grin? I was confused with my mouth in an O-shape. Then, Tom walked past me like a cunning assassin. I finally realised something horrid.

Yesterday, my teacher requested us to write down our nickname, if we wanted to, as part of our self-introduction. I didn’t mind sharing it with a teacher, so I intended to write it down. While I was writing “Big Monkey”, which is called by my parents, Tom peeped over me suspiciously, spluttering something. He has been my best friend since we were born (we are neighbours). I assumed he would keep it to himself because he had never betrayed me.

“Is it something like that?” I screeched. Even the moon could hear me. My blood boiled. How could I not get high blood pressure?

“Yes!” He answered playfully. I wanted to burn the classroom. Ultimately, the result was that it reached the stage where they were discussing me in a WhatsApp group. The fact is, everyone knows me at school now. Teachers like to ask me questions! That is humiliating, humiliating, humiliating!

Yes, once Tom spilt the beans, it was too late. All we can do is to hope they do not share our personal information and secrets with anybody else. Next time, I will not share my secret with anyone. When in doubt, do not share!

I am sorry, Diary. I have written too much today.