Imaginative Writing (2A Phoebe Yim)


‘You are the worst friend I have ever met!’ Angela shouted at me.  Suddenly, she dropped her phone.  After a flash of bright light, something started sucking me into the phone and I fainted.

  When I opened my eyes, I found out that it was very dark.  I couldn’t move.  Bright light shone in, and I was touched by my owner.  My arms were electric circuits.  There were many buttons on my body.  My owner, Angela, pressed the ‘Facebook’ button.  I saw her account.  I was surprised that I accidentally logged out.  I could see all her texts with her friends.  She texted me and asked me whether I had finished my homework.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t reply to her.

  After she finished her homework, she started to play Kart Rider Rush – a video game that I often play with her.  She joined the speed competition.  As this competition was thrilling and competitive, she pressed my body quickly and hard.  I was in pain and angry.  For revenge, I loaded slowly and she lost.  She was angry.

  There was only 35% battery left.  She went to get a charger and fed me with battery.  The current tasted bad – like medicine.  It was already nighttime.  Angela switched off the phone and slept.

  The next day, I could see Angela’s face.  She looked funny when she was wearing pajamas.  She checked Whatsapp to see if I had replied to her or not.  She was sad because I still hadn’t replied to her yet.  Then I slept for a long time because she had to go to school.

  After a good nap, I could hear what Angela said.  I was delighted because when she was having dinner, she told her mum that she regretted shouting at me.  I was surprised.  I really wanted to tell her that I didn’t mind but I couldn’t.  She even cried.  I really wanted to comfort her.  After dinner, she watched TV and charged me with a different charger.  The current tasted better.  It tasted like lemon juice.

  The next day, I could speak.  I was extremely elated.  I said to Angela, ‘Hello! I am Phoebe.  Please don’t cry.  I accept your apology.’  Angela was so surprised and scared that she accidentally dropped me from her hand.  My body started to crack.  I was in pain.  I used all of the remaining energy to search for a photo of me and her.  After that, I fainted.  The screen turned dark.  Angela panicked.  She was worried.  She burst into tears which dropped on the phone.  The tears flew from the screen to my body.  I recovered!  The phone was switched on again.  Angela was relieved.

  Although I have recovered, I am still very weak.  I can’t see, hear or speak.  The phone isn’t functioning well.  Angela takes good care of me and cleans me every day.  I have recovered a bit.  Oh God, why am I still a phone?  When can I get out of it?