Speech Writing (3B Chow Lap Yin, Isaac)


Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow students, I am the Green Ambassador, Isaac Chow from 3B. We have stayed at home for a very long time since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, when we have time to go outdoors, we often head to the countryside and go hiking. Unfortunately, rubbish was found around the countryside of Hong Kong and big damage was done to the environment. Let me talk about the problems and their solutions.

The first problem found was that there was too much rubbish in the countryside. When people go hiking or have activities outdoors, they often leave rubbish behind or the rubbish is scattered everywhere. For example, masks were found alongside the hiking trails, hung in the branches of trees, or even floating alongside the stream. This is unacceptable as nature will take a huge amount of the plastic in these masks. Students, please pick your rubbish up and only dispose of it when there is a proper rubbish bin.

Another problem found was the damage done to the flowers and grass. People go to take photos and often step on flowers and grass. There are hiking trails but people still don’t talk about them. For example, on Sunset Peak, which is located in Lantau Island, is famous for its miscanthus and many people go to take photos. They always step on them and that will kill their seeds and erode the soil. New miscanthus will then not be able to grow. I guess none of you want this to happen right? 

In order to take action to tackle the problem related to the excessive amount of rubbish, we should always be aware of not leaving rubbish behind us. We may also participate in volunteering work like the VolunPeers to pick up rubbish in a certain place and protect our nature! We can always remind people close to us to be aware, and that will cause less damage to nature. Fellow schoolmates, I am sure that you want our countryside to be beautiful and clean, right?

The solution to tackling the problem of damaged flowers and grasses is to stop stepping on them. Whenever you see people try to do so, you should ask them to stop immediately. More flowers will then be protected, and their seeds will make more new and more beautiful flowers!

To conclude, we should be aware of the rubbish left behind and we shouldn’t step on flowers for beautiful photos. When you’re having fun, nature isn’t. As a Green Ambassador, I am to remind all of you to protect nature. Thank you.