The unique me (1D Cheng Hei To, Clayton)


Hello, my name is Clayton Cheng. I have a special nickname, which is “Clay”, because it is my name’s abbreviation. Also, some people say my skin is as soft as clay. I would like to introduce myself to you. 

First, I would like to talk about my personality. I think I am an optimistic and responsible person. This is because I do not easily give up when facing obstacles in life, but I try to remain hopeful since I believe anything is possible. No matter how I am tempted, I can always complete my tasks and fulfil my responsibilities before I have fun with my friends, which shows my strong sense of responsibility. 

My hobbies must be introduced. I love singing very much. Therefore, I have been participating in the choir. I particularly enjoy singing in a choir because although we have unique voices, when we sing together, we are able to create a harmonic masterpiece. Since I have joined the choir, this has taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Besides, I like to entertain myself by reading books in my leisure time, as reading has many benefits, like broadening my horizons and enabling me to learn more vocabulary. 

Introducing my family is also important. I sometimes hike together and ride bicycles in Sunny Bay with my family. Since we are all very busy, moments like these are rare. Therefore, I cherish every moment I spend with my family. 

Lastly, I would like to share my feelings about my upcoming six years at Carmel Secondary School. I am really excited to study at Carmel Secondary School, which will be a completely new experience as I have embarked on the next stage of life. I look forward to making new friends in an unfamiliar environment and equipping myself with the essential skills to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.