The unique me (1D Chan Hon Sum, Jason)


Hello, my name is Chan Hon Sum, Jason. I am from a family of five. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I live in a healthy and crowded family. I always use my free time to chat and hang out with my family, like going for a walk or expressing my opinions and feelings to them. 

Let me talk about my appearance. Honestly, I am quite fat. Just as Covid-19 was becoming prevalent, I realised I was gaining weight continuously as I lacked the chance to do exercises. Some classmates do not think I am fat, but some friends I have not met for years can barely recognise me!

What my interests are must be introduced. I have had a wide range of interests since I was a child. I started playing the piano since I was three, and today, I am still fond of piano music and enjoy playing it. My favourite sports include golf, fencing, and basketball. But my actual favourite sport should be playing golf. Although I have not made any achievements through golfing, I still love the process of reaching the goal by little steps. It really means a lot for me to see the ball roll into the hole. My favourite colour is black as it describes me best as a stable person. 

Introducing my personality is also essential. I have an analytical mind. That is also the reason why I like solving mathematics problems and facing challenges. I am a cheerful extrovert. I am also independent. I carefully mark down all the things I should do and work according to my timetable. Sometimes I think I am talkative since I cannot bear the quiet atmosphere of a place which I think should be lively. That also leads to the reason why some people think I am annoying. 

My dreams are really related to my personality. I want to become a computer programmer or a worker in the financial sector in the future. Then I can help more people and boost the economy in Hong Kong or maybe even the world. For now, in Carmel, I wish I could participate in more activities, become a good student in our class and make great achievements. 

Hopefully, this article can tell teachers more about me, and I can’t wait to have a fabulous secondary school life in Carmel!