The unique me (1D Fung Chee Wing, Raine)


Hello, I am Raine Fung. My parents call me “Raine” because my full name is Fung Chee Wing. “Wing” sounds like “Raine”. That’s why a lot of people mispronounce my name. 

Let me talk about my appearance first. I am slim and short. I am the thinnest and shortest in my family. I eat a lot but I don’t know why I am in the smallest size in my family. Even my little plump brother is taller than me. I have long straight black hair. I usually tie my hair in ponytail style. I have a pair of big black eyes. They are as black as squid ink. My nose and my eyes are small, which are like a piece of grape. Do you know why my friends always tickle me and make me laugh? It is because they like to see my lovely dimples on my cheek when I smile. I have a secret to tell you. I have a nickname called “Tiny Raine”!

Knowing the personality of a person is necessary. I am an introvert. I am too shy to talk to strangers. Sometimes I think they look like monsters. I don’t like talking too much. I like to be quiet. However, when I meet someone I know, I chat with them freely and happily. I will suddenly become a talkative person. Sometimes my voice can be as loud as a roaring lion. 

After school, I usually take a short break and eat snacks as refreshments. After I finish my homework, I study the materials that the teachers have taught me. I am never a deadline fighter before the examination. Therefore, the teachers say I am a diligent student.

As you know, I am a quiet girl. Therefore, I like reading books in a quiet place. My favourite fiction is the “Harry Potter” series. Mathematics is my favourite subject because I like thinking and solving hard questions. This makes me more contented. Playing table tennis is one of my interests. I usually play table tennis with my brother at weekends. I like to play the violin in my leisure time. I have learnt to play the violin for six years. I would like to polish my violin skills in the coming years. My favourite colour is blue. When I look at the colour blue, I will feel comfortable. My iPad, my pencil case, even my school bag, and everything of mine is all blue. 

My dream is so important in my life. I want to be a pilot in the future. The first reason is that I think being a pilot is meaningful. I can take all passengers to different countries. Another reason is that I have a sense of responsibility. Moreover, when the plane is flying, I feel free to look at the blue sky. 

In Carmel, I have various goals that I want to achieve. I want to join the table tennis team and the orchestra. Also, I want to exercise good time management through these activities and studies. I want to meet many friends. Therefore, I won’t be alone, and it will make my life more colourful. 

I hope to have a great time in Carmel in the coming six years.