An Animal Home (1D Cheng Hei To, Clayton)


My home is a zoo. 

Animals there never feel blue.

If you don’t believe that this is true, 

telling you the truth is what I’ll do.

My brother is a horse. 

That means he eats a lot, of course. 

No matter whether the food is cooked or raw,

he still finishes it until he falls.

My sister is a gentle lamb.

Her best friend is called Sam.

She treats people kindly. 

She will never be angry.

My father is a brilliant lion.

He has a son named Clayton.

He is the king of the zoo,

and he knows everything too.

He saves me when my mom gets angry,

and that’s why I call him a smarty.

My mother is a dove.

She gives out love.

She does all the housework.

She checks my brother’s homework.

However, you’ll regret if you make her angry,

since she’ll become grumpy.

My grandma is a panda.

She has dark circles around her eye-area.

Delicious food is what she makes.

My favourite food is her strawberry cake.

Then, there is me.

I am the puppy,

and I’m naughty. 

I run all day, 

but my energy never drains away.

I am sleepy,

lying on a bed, which is cosy.

I love my brother, father, mother, grandma and my sister,

the most enjoyable thing of the day is to be together.