Happiness (1A Michelle Hung)


The happiest moment throughout my primary school time, the graduation ceremony, took place on the sixteen of July. My classmates and I were neatly arrayed in our school uniforms in the morning for one last time. 

   During the ceremony, long-awaited end-of-the-year awards were presented by the School Director. After a heartfelt speech from our classmates to our teachers and parents, we delivered a performance of the song “We Can Make A Difference”, which was polished to perfection during the days of rehearsal prior to graduation day. Our performance was received with fervent applause, and we were contented with the results. Towards the end of the day, my classmates and I drew thank-you cards for our parents to express our gratitude for their steadfast support of us and our studies. The photo-taking session was held shortly afterwards in the hall, where students and teachers exchanged goodbye.

   I was the happiest on my final day at my primary school. Every event that morning evoked lost memories. I was glad to have spent the day with each and every one of my classmates and was thrilled to become a secondary school student.