A diary entry (2A Lai Zi Xi, Zoe)


6th October 2022                  Uncertain

Dear Diary, 

Horrible! I will never trust anyone again, never! I’ve been chased by the Guards for hours, and I deeply regret telling my secret to Sabrina!

This morning, I went to Sabrina’s place to walk to school with her. I saw her ‘panda’ eyes and asked her what happened. Sabrina said that she couldn’t sleep well last night since she had a nightmare. She told me all about the nightmare, and I felt very sorry for her, so I decided to tell her my biggest secret. I explained to her that I was actually a witch, and that I could use my magic to heal her. Sabrina seemed surprised, but she calmed down very soon. 

Later, at the first recess, I went to the tuck shop to buy some snacks. I saw many students looking at me strangely. It wasn’t good eye contact anyways. I ignored them and went to have my nice breakfast, but I felt very strange as everyone looked at me when I passed by, so I went to the bathroom to check how I looked. Huh- nothing special. I went back to my classroom and continued reading the novel called Everyone’s Stuck in School and Cannot Come Out. It’s quite interesting.

At the second recess, I decided to tell Sabrina the strange things that were happening around me. I went to look for her, but her classmates said that she wasn’t there. And – weird eye contact again – from everyone in the classroom. Some pupils were even trying to stay distanced from me, and I shrugged my shoulders. But my feelings told me that something was wrong – really really wrong – that couldn’t be changed or be removed. This was the second time I had had those feelings. The first time I felt that way was before my mother had an accident and died. I knew that was a sign – or to use a better word to describe it – an alarm. I didn’t like this word at all because every time this word appears, something bad happened.

At the third recess, I went to the playground to get some sunshine, I was sick of the air conditioner and sitting. And guess what happened next! I saw Sabrina talking to a girl who had a ponytail. I walked stealthily toward her and wanted to surprise her, but what I heard the next second was, “Do you know that Matilda is a witch? She told me this secret this morning and even showed me her magic! You should be careful with her. Who knows what she will do with her nasty magic.” I saw Sabrina roll her eyes. I went away and went to the rooftop. No one was ever there, and I thought it was the best place to calm myself down.

So everything was clear. Sabrina told everyone my secret and warned them to beware of me. Really, those are just my thoughts and I had no evidence to really prove that. Nevertheless, this was not the time to think how my secret was revealed. I had to think of how I could escape from the school instead. My Father had once told me to keep my identity a secret because humans would panic and the devils would start to control humans. The first thing I needed to do was to block the Internet, so that no one could send any messages out. I sneaked to the Computer Room and remembered that I know nothing about ICT, so I just smashed those machines into pieces with my bare hands.

The alarm rang so I had to get away from there, I ran back to the rooftop and jumped down onto the ground. I guess nobody saw me as it was rainy right then. I knew everyone would be in the classroom. It jump wasn’t as high as I expected, yet I felt that my bones were hurting; however, I had no time to waste. I flipped over the school wall and ran towards my home using all my strength. If you are asking why I didn’t use my magic to make a portal, then I will tell you that I didn’t know how to. Yes, I didn’t know how, I was just a young witch, okay? Don’t think that I was that super good. Doing homework and studying already made me exhausted. How could I even still have time to practice my skills?

Fortunately, Papa was at home. I told him all of the things which happened. I knew that he was very mad at me, but he couldn’t shout at me now because he had too much work to do. At least, that was the first nice thing which happened that day – for now I guessed. Papa pushed me onto a portal, and he went to another portal. I could see that the background was my school. 

I opened my eyes – I saw I was lying in the woods. Then I started to remember what had happened. Ah yes, Sabrina … secret … escaping … . I remembered them all, and I started to concentrate and try to figure out where I was located. Ouch! My head hurt a lot. I guess it’s because I hit the ground very hard where the portal threw me out.

Suddenly, I heard many footsteps coming, so I hid myself behind some huge stones. I recognize those guys. They were the Guards. I had some interactions with them before and I didnt like them, I just didn’t. The Guards weren’t stupid. They knew someone was round them so they slowed down their pace. The leader saw me and he pointed, ”There is the girl!” What? I didn’t react right in that second, and then I finally realised that it was me whom the Guards were finding. 

I turned around and started running. I ran through the woods, swam across the lake and climbed over the mountain. I couldn’t even feel my pain. The only thing I was thinking was that if I stopped, I would been killed. “Ouch!” I stumbled on a branch, and I realised that my bones were already broken and it was excruciating. I went to a river and tried to wash away my blood or any other trace of my location. After washing, I went to a cafe to rest. I tried to keep myself awake, but I was very tired and fell asleep after a moment.

I’ve just woken up and it’s already midnight. I am starving right now as I haven’t eaten anything since morning, only it is very dark and there is no light. If it was, I would go out and find some food. And now, I am writing this sentence, I guess I am going to sleep again. I really regret telling my secret to my best friend, Sabrina. She was the one who drove me into this ”perfect” situation.