The seductive charisma of staycation (4D Yu Tsz Ying)


Have you ever been on a staycation before? Who did you go with? With your friends? Family members? You enjoyed it, didn’t you? Because of the outbreak of Covid-19, the trend of staycation has been all the rage among Hongkongers. A hotel manager in Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong and a family staying in the hotel for holiday have been interviewed for their views on staycation. Read on and you’ll know what has made staycation go viral recently.
One thing for sure, people miss traveling overseas so badly. Staycation can somewhat give them the compensation. The government has implemented a lockdown policy for the fear that the virus keeps spreading. That has made visiting other countries almost impossible. In fact, a recent survey suggested that over 60 percent of Hong Kong people go on staycation in the hope of regaining the mood of travelling. Through staycation, they can experience staying in the hotel and enjoying hotel facilities such as a jacuzzi, just like what they would do after visiting lots of tourist spots in a tour. They can also explore the secret places near the hotel, such as beaches, gardens and grasslands. Everything is no different from travelling overseas in a way. ‘When we went for a walk near the hotel, we realised that there are a beach and grassland near the hotel. Fantastic! It gives me a sense of exploring new places,’ the dad from the interviewed family said. Staycation enables people to feel what they have longed for always. Actually, a research shows that over 80 percent of people have been on staycation at least once before and you’re one of them, aren’t you?
Besides, people are desperate for a chance to relieve stress. Due to fast working pace and high competition in Hong Kong, efficiency is the key to everything on everybody’s to-do list. As we are all susceptible to high-level stress, we need some space to breathe and relax. If you still prefer to stay at home during the weekend, you’ll still want to complete what is unfinished, won’t you? Going to staycation will enable us, our family members or friends to put work and studies aside, enjoy ourselves to the fullest and have a real break. We can spend the weekend relaxingly in the hotel, strolling around the scenic spots nearby, swimming in the comfortable heated pool and having a spa, which helps us decompress. ‘I could finally forget about my hectic schedule awhile after working nonstop for five days and spend time with my family. Nothing sounds better than having a staycation with them every weekend,’ the son said excitedly. Not only does staycation allow Hongkongers to take a rest, but it also provides them with valuable time to stay connected with their friends and family. Who doesn’t like staycation then?
What’s more, staycation packages are attractive and a hit on social media. Due to the seemingly never-ending pandemic, the number of tourists to Hong Kong has drastically decreased, as well as the demand for hotel rooms. Staycation, with a series of packages that attract our citizens, has then become a quick fix to this pressing problem. The hotel manager stated his hotel has launched the buy-one-get-one-free offer on their seaview rooms, with complimentary buffet lunch and dinner and spa. Appealed to the big deal offered by different hotels, many gave it a try to enjoy the holistic and luxurious service provided by various hotels. Also, some YouTubers or celebrities post their vlogs about their staycation experiences on their social media platforms, where many netizens can see and get tempted to try it with their beloved ones. True, social media helps with the promotion.
So irresistible and enjoyable is staycation that for sure it can still be a pop culture among Hongkongers even when they can travel by plane later. If you’ve never tried once, go for it. It’s just a click on your phone!