My very first and unforgettable performance in Victoria Park (4D Chan Yat Ching)


My band buddies and I finally held our first show that all of us had long-desired for. It was held at the Victoria Park from morning till the evening. Our families, friends and beloved fans came to support us. Without their both physical and mental support, the performance wouldn’t have run that smoothly. I am really thankful to all of you who are supporting us constantly. 

Throughout the entire performance, my band performed several songs, including our own songs, other hip-hop famous songs, old school but memorable songs etc. I truly hope that our audience could taste different types of songs at that night, and never forget that in this era, there’s still us, the INFINITY, being the new future pillars of the music circle! Besides, what the most unforgettable thing in the show was that we invited some audience randomly to sing with us on the stage. The invited ones were all so devoted and engaged. They were fearless even if they were told to sing in front of thousands of people. I was impressed by their gut and confidence! I’m lucky to have them being our supporters. 

Not gonna lie, I was extremely nervous before the show! I couldn’t control my body from shaking and trembling…Yet, empowered by my teammates’ encouragement, I felt calm later. As the performance started, I stepped on the stage, with dozens of light spots shooting on us. Guess what? I felt like I was the centre of the world! I was filled with full energy and confidence at that moment. As I kept singing and singing, I felt less anxious but more involved and relaxed. I was so into the show. So was the audience, I believe! After the end of the live performance, I was exhausted. I could feel that my energy faded out. What’s more, as the lead singer, I found my throat was dry, hoarse and painful. Can’t believe what my voice had undergone…!

Most importantly, the atmosphere throughout the night was fabulous! From the beginning we appeared on the stage to us leaving the stage at the end, our fans were screaming loudly and excitedly for us non-stop. Thank all of the supporters creating this joyous and ecstatic vibe so that our band and the audience could finally, whole-heartedly enjoy the show!

Looking back, I reckon that it’s quite chaotic in the admission part. We could have done better if we had put a clearer sign for queuing. I know some people got confused by the system of admission and there were too many people, resulting in some chaos. I hope this will never happen again. I also regretted the mistake I had made while performing a song. I was indignant at myself forgetting my lines. I should’ve got myself more familiar with the lyrics. I felt sorry to my fans for letting them down. I will definitely prepare myself well and present a better ‘me’ next time!

There are regrets. There are still cheers and satisfactions. But no matter what, they are my precious memories, without which, there surely won’t be the future ‘me’! I do long for the next show! Do you look forward to it too? See you there!