An Amazing Night (1D Yolanda Chan)


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I put down my pen and walked towards the door and open it. I was shocked. A lady with a pair of wings was standing in front of me. Unlike those fairies in fairy tales who were tiny and holding a wand, she was tall and she was holding a book.

‘Who…who on earth are you?’ I asked when I was shivering.

‘Maybe you don’t know me, but I do know you.’ The lady cleared her throat and said,’ Your name is Lily, you are 20 years old and you are struggling about your future career because your parents want you to become a teacher like them, but you want to become a writer. Am I right?’

I was even more scared. The fairy looked at me and smiled,’ You must be scared, right? But don’t worry, I am here to help you. My name is Luna, and I am a Wish-granting fairy, and I am here to help you. Here, this is the entrance to my hometown, the Kingdom of Dreams. Go in! I will give you a tour of this place, and perhaps this tour will inspire you!

I was frightened by this fairy-tale like scene.’ But if she is really a wish-granting fairy, maybe I should listen to her.’ I thought. I took a deep breath, then I moved to the entrance.

When I walked out from the entrance, my mouth dropped open because of the breathtaking and beautiful sight of the Kingdom of Dreams. Tiny pixies were dancing elegantly, unicorns were drinking water, and goblins were fighting because of a bag of coins… (OK, perhaps that was not beautiful!)

The fairy came out and spoke passionately, ‘Welcome! This is the Kingdom of Dreams. Anything humans imagine will appear here. Try to think of something, and it will appear! ‘

I was too scared that my mind was as empty as a blank paper so nothing appeared. Luna smiled at me and said, ‘ Can’t think of anything? That’s OK. Let’s go to my home in the Fairy Village, shall we? ‘

When we went to the village, we saw a horrible sight. ‘A gigantic monster was swallowing villagers in the Fairy Village. I was not so scared though, as I had been through a lot (Hadn’t I?). But Luna was so scared that it looked like she turned into a statue. I asked, ‘What happened?’

Luna replied, ‘Yes, while people whose dreams come true will be filled with happiness, and their happiness were creating beautiful and magical creatures like us, there are also people who have bad wishes, and their resentment creates ugly and wicked creatures like that monster. These creatures hate good creatures like us so they will attack us. That’s why we need to grant kind-hearted people’s wishes, because that can stop these monsters coming alive.

‘Then…then what should we do? I asked.

‘Well…maybe you can use the happiness from your wish to kill it. That will freeze those things,’ said Luna.

‘Ok, I’ll try…’ I replied uncertainly. I closed my eyes,  and tried to think of the blissful feelings when I was writing.

A flashlight sent out from my chest. The monster was hit by the flashlight, and it screamed in agony. After a few moments, the monster fell apart and disappeared. The fairies ran toward me and took me to the village and they held a big party for me.

‘So,’ said Luna when she was eating a giant mushroom, ‘Did this trip inspire you?’

‘Well …… Yes. I decided to tell Dad and Mom that I want to become a writer in this kingdom.’

‘What?’ Luna screamed. ‘You’re sure?’

‘Yes, absolutely.’ I said.

After I returned to Earth, I wrote and published a lot of books that became hugely popular. Without this journey at the Kingdom of Dream, I wouldn’t have learnt the important life lesson— Always Follow Your Dreams!