An Amazing Battle (1D Jadon Chau)


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling very loudly and the rain was pouring non-stop. Someone was knocking at the door — by that I mean a massive vault door made of tough black metal. As I sat by the warm fireplace, I watched the crackling flames when I heard the knocking. I got up and head for the door— Oh! I’m terribly sorry for forgetting to introduce myself. My name is Jadon, and I am a powerful warlord leading a clan known as the immortals. I am currently in my headquarters. Flicking a lever, I watched the lava wall in front of me disintegrate, and as the noisy pistons pushed away the metal, I could hardly believe my eyes.

Standing in front of me was a girl. She had a tuff of long pink hair. She was wearing a pair of shining iron armour, with a leather belt that has vials of liquid strapped to it. However, her armour was filled with cracks and scars. Her body was full of bruises and injuries, she was also soaked to the skin. On her left hand, the black glove she’s wearing was split open, and a fresh wound dripping blood was clearly seen. “Help……” She tried to speak, but she was too weak, and collapsed to the ground.

“Hey what’s so noisy…… woah! Who is that?!” A voice rang behind me. It was my elite general, who was, like me, very surprised and shocked.

“I don’t know, but she needs medical treatment immediately!” I replied without hesitation.

I took her to a guest room and laid her on a bed. From my many years of experience, I’ve read many books and learnt medical skills from combat medics. Now is the perfect time to use it. I carefully washed her wounds, and gave her a magic potion that heals her.

When the girl woke up, she thanked me and told me everything about her. She was a member of a tribe known as the dragon tribe, who worship a mythical dragon as their God. They lived in harmony under the rule of their wise Queen. However, one day, an opposing fraction, the anti-order, attacked the dragon tribe, unleashing a great calamity. Their strong army was led by their cruel and merciless king. Village after village they raided, and they are now approaching the capital. No longer bearing to watch her people getting slaughtered, the Queen sent this girl — the royal ambassador — to seek our help.

“ I was attacked on the way, but I survived. We have heard of your name — how you scored victory after victory. You are our only hope! Please help us! “ The girl said worryingly, tears in her eyes. “ I swore an oath,” I replied, “ to use my power to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. I shall fulfill your request “ The girl’s eyes instantly lit up with hope. “ On behalf of the dragon tribe, we thank you. “ She said with gratitude. “ Get some rest, “ I instructed, “ we have a long battle ahead of us “

The next day, I put my factories into overdrive. I well-fed my horses so they would have enough energy. I studied the terrain with my generals. I polished my sword and gear, and repaired the girl’s armour, who had fully recovered under my care.

The night before the battle, I went to the balcony. As my cape flaps along the night breeze, I gaze upon the beautiful night sky, staring at the glowing stars, relieving my heart.

The day came. We saddled our horses. I bought 2 of my most elite and trusted generals with me, and set off at full speed. We dashed through flower fields and snowy tundra, we crossed rivers and valleys. After what seemed like forever, we reached the capital. We hid behind a bush, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

I saw the dragon tribe surrender to the night of the Anti-Order. The Anti-Order King mocked,” so this is your ’mighty’ dragon tribe? Pathetic!” He raised his axe to chop her……

“No!” Without thinking, the girl leapt out and screamed. With a sword in her hand, she lunged at the King. They fought, and the king was clearly stronger. He knocked the girl’s sword out of her hand, and grabbed her by the throat. “ You! I remember you! You were the bravest among them! Too bad this has to go to waste……” The girl struggled, her legs dangling mid-air, but her efforts were futile.
“ Jadon, we have to make a move! What shall we do?” My generals asked impatiently. “Go with Plan B, Charge! “ We kept out of our hiding place and drew our weapons. One general drew a trident, and swung it at full speed. Wham! The trident pierced through legions of enemies, then swiftly returned to the general’s hand without a single scratch. Meanwhile, another general began evacuating civilians.

With the minions busy, I turned to confront the King. “ Ah, if it isn’t Jadon,” he sneered, “ you never give up, do you?” He leapt at me, swing his axe and— Wham! I was quick enough to react and blocked the axe, but his sheer force knocked me back. Whack! He hit me on my right shoulder! A huge wound appeared and crimson blood flowed down. Nonetheless I refused to fall. I had to save the tribe. I swung my sword. Seizing an opportunity, I left up into the air, and— slash! My blade went through the King. Time seemed to freeze for a moment. Then, the King fell to his knees, collapsed, lifeless.

Seeing that their leader had fallen, the remaining minions fled for their lives. The Queen stepped forward, asking,” O valiant warrior, how can we ever repay you?” I simply replied, “ I was doing my duty, I deserve no reward.” I climbed on the horse, and we galloped towards the setting sun. As my fix my sapphire eyes on the horizon, the sunlight shone on me, like a pair of gentle hands comforting me……

On a nearby hill, a mysterious figure draped in a red robe, smiled menacingly. He turned around, leaving the battlefield.