A Mouse’s Life (2D Rosanne Chan)


‘Ding ding–’ The annoying alarm clock went off suddenly, snatching my sweet dreams away. I was irritated by it so I yawned and stretched lazily. However, when I squinted, I was startled by what I saw.

The alarm clock was ringing but the clock wasn’t in my reach as I was not even in my bedroom! Glancing around, I found myself curling up in a dim corner of a cave and piles of food were heaped everywhere. When I was still overwhelmed by shock, more unexpected things struck me.

‘Squeak squeak!’ Someone near me squeaked. I jittered and tried to figure out who squeaked. All of a sudden something hairy touched me. I turned around instantly and saw a mouse staring at me! My heart almost popped out of my chest and that mouse started squeaking, ‘Good morning my dearest guest. My name is Paul and sorry for scaring you out of your wits. Please make yourself at home even though I don’t think there’s any difference between your house and mine–’

‘Hang on, what do you mean there’s no difference between your house and mine? And why am I here, with you?’ I finally spat out some questions in my mind as there were too many questions in my head and I couldn’t bear this anymore. 

‘Oh well, we are both mice and… I think our houses don’t really have any difference..? And for the second question, you’re with me because you fainted in front of my house and.. I just brought you inside here in order to take good care of you. You still look sick. Let me go out and grab you some food,’ That mouse answered me with a slight stutter.

‘I can’t be a dirty, ugly mouse! It is impossible! I am supposed to be a human!’ I thought. Still, I tried to stay calm and stammered, ‘N–no, I’ll come wi-ith you–u.’ ‘There must be a way for me to turn back into a human but first I need to get out of here to investigate.’ I thought, trying to confess myself and be calm.

I went out with Paul and realized that Paul was actually living in my house. He was the nasty mouse who nibbled my food! He ‘led’ me to my kitchen and clambered up to the sink with his limbs while wagging his chubby body stupidly. I almost choked by stopping myself from bursting into laughter. Suddenly, I heard there was something miaowing. Paul shivered, jumped down from the sink to the ground and scurried back into his ‘cave’. I didn’t know what to do and froze. A cat slowly strutted from a corner and gazed at me with its eyes slinting. I soon noticed that it was my cat, Lucy. I winked at it, trying to let it know that I was its owner. However, it didn’t work at all. It was still approaching me with evil stares. ‘How come it didn’t appear whenever I needed it to catch those disgusting rats and only showed up when I didn’t need it?’ I thought when I started running for my life. I scampered as fast as possible. However, Lucy was trotting and stomping after me. I made twists and turns but I was still not able to get rid of it. I started feeling dizzy and my legs started to feel wobbly. I was too small in size and I started to get lost. Lucy was storming now. I was so giddy that I slumped on the ground and saw Lucy beholding me. ‘Oh no! What will Lucy do to me?’ I gasped.

Lucy first grabbed my tial and lifted me up. It gawked at me and started swinging at me! ‘I wish I could turn back into a human.’ I hoped. Lucy seemed that it would like to stop me from thinking. She stopped swaying, kept lifting me up until I was right above its mouth and opened its smelly mouth. It wanted to smelly me! I shut my eyes tightly, thinking that I would be dead. However after a while there seemed to be nothing happened and I slowly opened my eyes. Just then, I was dropped by Lucy and beaten on the ground. 

‘Ouch!’ I let out a cry. After that, Lucy and Paul came and sat next to me. I was baffled so I asked feebly, ‘What was happening?’ 

Paul looked at me and answered straight away, ‘We are just fooling around. You were turned into a mouse by us and we frightened you in order to teach you a lesson.’

‘What do you mean by “a lesson” ?’ I still had lots of questions but I was more curious about the meaning of the ‘lesson’.

‘We want you to know that although we aren’t human beings, we still need to be treated nicely. Mice aren’t as grubby as you thought and cats aren’t that lazy or useless. If you treat us badly again, we will turn you into a rat again!’ This time Lucy declared.

I was worn out already and I just wanted to turn back to a human. Lucy and Paul started to mumble and wiggled their fingers. I gazed at the ceiling and closed my heavy eyelids …