The mysterious magic night (1D Celine Yeung)


It was a stormy night. The night was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door.

“Help me! Please!” A voice outside my laboratory said.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the one and only one Celine, the most famous scientist in England! As I was peeping through the keyhole, I saw a teenage boy who had a childish face, wearing thick black glasses. Sweat was dripping from his hair, covering the glowing scar. It seemed that he was seeking help. He looked so worried and frightened. I opened the door and asked, “What makes you come to my place? It’s closed!”

“Please! I’ll tell you when I come in!” He whispered to my ear.”

“Well little boy, wait! Aren’t… aren’t you the legendary Harry Potter?”

“Shhhh! I admit it, I am. Well, I know you’re good at inventing things. Can you invent some weapons for me?” He questioned.

“But, I don’t have any-“

A “knock knock” sound interrupted my words, “Celine! Celine!” Someone screamed in the keyhole, trying to get my attention. I don’t know what I should do! I decided to open the door cautiously.

“Celine!” A girl hugged me tightly. It was Kailey – my best friend! I was so relieved. I led Harry and Kailey to the guest room.

“ So Harry, tell us the situation you’re facing. “ I said calmly.

“Voldermort is coming to find me! I need weapons!” Harry said, panicking.

“Okay, try my newest invention – the boomerang gun! Boomerangs come out from the gun if you press the button. It’s an interesting sport in our world! “ I explained. “Boom!” A large bang made all my exhibits fell on the ground! My babies! They were mostly broken! It was so miserable! What’s happening? Who was causing this?”

“Expilarmous!” Harry shouted beside my ear. A wand fell down and hit my head!

“Harry, Harry. It’s a long time since we met right, since the battle in Hogwarts! Ahahaha!” A mysterious voice covered the whole room, it was horrifying.

“Can’t we fight in the wizarding world. It’s not safe in the Muggles…….No, I mean this world. “Harry cried to the sound. “Well, well, why then Harry. Oh, would you be humiliated if you died here? But I think it’s a marvelous opportunity for people to see the legendary Harry Potter getting killed by me! Haha! Draco! Help me get my wand! It’s gonna be a fascinating fight!” A shadow teleported beside me, picked out the wand, and vanished. Well, I suppose it’s Draco.

“Advera Kevera! “A lightning struck from the ceiling and almost hit Harry! But when it hit the ground, Harry vanished and went to another side of the room. “Crucio!” A strong light struck Draco whose breast was cut open. Blood kept coming out.

“Draco! Stand up and continuous to fight! It hasn’t ended yet!” The air was quiet, a heartbeat could even be heard! ”He…..he was out of breath! He was dead.” The mysterious person yelled.

“Voldermort, come out! I’m ready to face you!” Harry pointed the wand towards the ceiling.

“Well, don’t you dare to beat me, or you will be like your mom and dad! DEAD! Haha!”

“Leviasa!” I cried, even though I don’t know that spell, it came out of my mind. Voldermout was flying upper and upper. “Bang!” He fell on the ground. “Little girl, don’t even play with spells! You think you can win! Never! Haha!” Volermort shouted, picked his wand up and “Voldermous!” A ball was going to hit me!

All of a sudden I started to glow! A scar of a snowflake appeared on my head! A bubble appeared, protecting Harry, Kailey and me! I was so confused! “Quick Harry, the boomerang gun!” Harry shot a boomerang towards Voldermort and hit him on his head. He fainted, “Fainto!” Kailey cried. A light flew towards him before he vanished. Kailey killed Voldermort!

          Well, I didn’t know what’s happening but I cared about the mess the fight brought…..”I’ll help you! Cleanmous!” And my lab was cleaned in a flash by Harry.

          A giant broke through the door, “Hello Celine and Kailey! Well, we’ve heard that you’re the new survivors of Voldermort! Now, let the magic begin! Welcome to Hogwarts! We sincerely invite you to come. It will be a marvelous adventure!”

“Oh….oh….Is that Hagrid? Well, you see, we are only human, there’s nothing special about us!” I said to Hagrid.

He said cheerfully, “Well, everyone has her own talent, right? You have to stay optimistic! It would be a pleasure if you come!” Kailey and I looked at each other, nodded our heads. “Now, let me and Harry take you to the first stop! – Dragon Alley!” Hagrid said and we all vanished in thin air.