Life of a Mobile Phone (2D Jessica Luo)


I am an iPhone. I was bought by my owner, John, 5 years ago. When he was selecting a new phone for himself, he saw the charming red colour of the model phone. He was attracted by it at his first glance, and decided to but me instantly. It was the beginning of my blissful life.

We always stick together at the weekend. How about the weekdays? He goes to school for 7 hours a day. When he isn’t home, I can only lay on his desk, being charged and staring at the ceiling, daydreaming… I feel so lonely and bored. I feel uncomfortable in my chest thanks to the boredom.

One day, when I as ‘chilling’ on his desk, I heard an unfamiliar girly voice which said,’ Hi! Can I call you Red? It’s because your case is red.’

‘Who are you?’ I wondered.

‘ I am Charles (John’s brother) ‘s new phone. You can call me Pink because my case is pink. Let’s be friends!’ She replied.

‘S…sure !’ I stammered. It seemed like I was too shy. I am weak in socialising… When John was home, he held me up quickly and clicked WhatsApp, and started to chat with his friends. I always saw him laughing or smiling. He was pleasant when we was chatting with his friends.

‘ It isn’t a bad thing to make a friend!’ I thought.

Since that day, I was no longer alone when John left. I started to do those “socializing” things with Pink. We laughed together, and chatted together. Sometimes we just sat together admiring the view outside the window. We watched the leaves flutter down onto the path and butterflies flutter about in the sunshine.

One day in the afternoon, at around 4 to 5 o’clock, Charles went shopping with John. Of course Charles would bring his phone. But I had only 1 % of battery, so I stayed home and watched the three of them leaving the house. I was very upset but I was looking forward to seeing them return home. After about 2 hours, they were finally home. I was enthusiastic! However, I could only see two of them… ‘Where is Pink?’ I panicked.

Then John and Charles argued,’ I could not believe you just lost your phone! Mum and dad are definitely going to scold you!’

Charles stayed silent. I could feel that he was very regretful by looking at his face. He almost burst into tears, and so did I. Pink was my best friend. She just disappeared suddenly. I couldn’t accept the tragedy.

Years later, I am a five-year-old now, It’s a rather old age for phones. I could barely breathe and it makes myself usually lag. Since John used me last time, I haven’t opened my eyes for long, and I know, I cannot open them anymore. I hope I can meet Pink one day, in heaven…