A Phone Hero (2D Adrian Yeung)


Hi, I’m a mobile phone. My owner is a teenager named Arora. We had a lot of adventures together. Now let me tell you a story about me!

I was born on August 8th, 2020 in a factory. I started having consciousness on November 2nd, 2020. The first thing I remember seeing was my cute owner, Arora, with a big smiley face. The first picture taken by me was a family photo behind a birthday cake.

  Arora is so kind to me. She keeps me clean and safe. She is like a nanny to me. Arora always has a smile on her face when she’s using me. I’m just glad I can make her happy.

  Arora started installing apps, one by one, my memory continue to fill. She uses Instagram all the time. She likes to share photos of her daily life with her friends.

  Arora is a clumsy girl. She always forgets to feed me. I will sleep without food. She always has this helpless and desperate look before I fall asleep. I wonder why?

  Sometimes, Arora gets so addicted to using me that she forgets to do her homework. Every time something like this happens, Dad and Mum will get so disappointed and angry with Arora. They will take me away and put me in quarantine as if I’m some kind of virus. I would be alone for a week or so, thinking how well it will be if I could warn Arora not to get addicted to me.

  One day after Arora came back from school, she picked me up and started using Instagram. She looked at the comments on a picture she posted yesterday. A few people were saying mean things like ‘you suck’ and ‘you’re ugly. At first, Arora didn’t pay much attention to these comments. But as days passed, the comments on each post became more and more offensive. ‘If I were you, I would do something useful, I would commit suicide!’ The comments even contained foul language. This was cyberbullying! Poor Arora reported the messages to Instagram, and the bullies were gone. Yet out of the blue, they returned! This time not on Instagram, but Facebook. Arora reported again. The bullies did not give up. They bullied Arora on different social media until Arora received an anonymous call one day. The person started to talk in a very deep voice. He threatened Arora,” If you dare to report me, I will kindly put a bullet in your head, and in everybody you love.’’ Arora was scared, worrying that the man would actually do what he said he would do. She put me down and ran away in tears. As Arora’s mobile phone, I knew I had to do something. I took a screenshot of every comment section with mean comments. I used a new account and sent all the pictures I took to Arora’s parents with the message, ”Help! Arora is bullied and scared!”

  Arora’s parents rushed back. When they arrived, they gave Arora the biggest, warmest hug in the world. Arora didn’t pick me up for a whole month. I guess she had to calm down. I didn’t know what happened next since she put me in her locker. But when she picked me up again, she was smiling, as if she knew that I was the one who helped her.