A Diary Entry (2D Dickson Wan)


16thSeptember,2021    Cloudy 

Dear Diary,

It’s been a tough day! Luckily it’s over. Yet I don’t know if I could face tomorrow…

Well, everything started normally. It’s a school day just as usual. I was talking with my best friend Cyan. It’s been a hot day. I felt dizzy, so I accidentally told him my secret. ‘Remember last month I went to an amusement park? When I was having a ride on the roller coaster, I was so afraid that I peed my pants.’ Then he started to laugh. I immediately knew that I’d said something wrong. I asked him if he could keep the secret and he said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ I thought I could trust him so I put the thing aside.

When I came back to class from the library after recess, I heard loud noises of laughing. I had no idea what had just happened. Just when one of the classmates yelled, ‘Timid mouse!’ And people just kept laughing afterwards, I realised what had happened. When I looked at my friend, he seemed to look guilty. I asked him why he’d done that, but there was no reply. I was so furious that I slapped him on his face. That’s when the crowd went silent. They all stared at me. My face turned red. I went to the washroom and sobbed by myself.

Well, everything’s just like a film, but it is no laughing matter. I’m wondering if Cyan is sorry for what he did or throwing a temper for what I’d done to him. I think I need to use a paper bag to cover my face for the rest of my life. Thank you Diary for letting me express my feelings, though nothing will change by then. What I could do is to apologise to Cyan and let time do its work.