A Diary Entry (2D Oscar Ng)


16th September, 2021      Rainy

Dear Diary,

Phew! I’m so relieved today’s over. Actually, I did an extremely unforgivable thing that I would regret it really deeply! I told my friend my secret! My whole day at school was on pins and needles. It was a disaster!

In the first lesson (English lesson), teacher Miss Potter asked us to tell something interesting to our neighbours. I of course was on top of the world to hear the great news. My friend John told me that he snored when he was sleeping. I immediately grinned like a Cheshire cat and burst out laughing. When he asked me my secret, I accidentally told him that I was a half-wizard and I could fly. I even showed him my wand which was hidden in my trousers pocket for evidence. He gasped, “Wow!” and asked, “Can you do spells?”

I replied, “Of course!”

He grinned mischievously and pointed it at Mary’s (who was sitting in front of me) pen and shouted, “Reducto!” Before I could stop him, the pen had already turned into ashes and vanished. Mary was stunned and cried and wept so loudly that everyone turned to look at me and my friend. It sent shivers down my spine. They all gasped, “Wow! A real wand!” When I was still frozen and speechless, the wand in John’s hand had disappeared. The next second I heard my classmates  shouting out different spells and turning the classroom into a room suffering from an earthquake. I was down in the dumps and of course went nuts and kicked my friend onto 200 meters up in the sky for creating the chaos. My classmates first turned the teacher into stone and petrified her. OMG!! How could that be happening! They continued to turn the room upside-down playing with books and stationery.

After 10 minutes, I struggled and took out another wand and started to fetch the naughty classmates back. I saw many girls hiding under the desk, frightenedly. And as the teacher was rushing out to the headmaster’s room to report the incident, she was petrified. I instantly heard sounds wheezing near the door. Guess what? There were Dementors coming through the door. I hollered, “Expecto Patronum.” And pushed them away. Before I could react, my ‘energetic’ naughty classmates came in and sent me back to my home by magic. I could only see darkness as I fainted (probably)!

When I regained consciousness, I checked the news, the reporter was SUPER nervous, like having butterflies in her stomach, and said, “Today, some evil little students are using a mysterious wand while casting spells to wreak havoc.”

I totally regretted what I had done today and I learnt not to let the cat out of the bag. The consequences may be terrible, like what happened today. If I hadn’t told my friend my secret, the disaster would not have happened. Oh wait, I was such a stupid guy! …The Time Turner! Bye Diary, I have the solution now!