Learning-without-wall Day under Covid-19


       In the morning on 16th April, all the S1 students joined the Learning-without-wall (LWW) Day. As the COVID-19 pandemic was still serious, this year’s LWW Day was held at school instead of outdoors.

      The event started with a few questions from the instructor, ‘What is a community? What can we do to help the community? Why are we responsible for the community?’ These three questions were indeed hard, but the LWW Day provided a chance for us to reflect on them and find out the answers.

       We were separated into different groups. All of us were excited and thrilled when we were playing the games. There were six different games about various elements such as the history, people, transportation, buildings, facilities and services in our neighbourhood, Ho Man Tin. The first game was related to our school, the place that we have stayed for almost a year. We thought we were already familiar with our campus. Still, we learnt a lot more about our second ‘home’.

        At the very last moment of the event, we were told to brainstorm ideas to help people around us. Each of us had different ideas for the needy people. At first, most of us thought that only the underprivileged or minorities should be the ones that we could serve. Then, the tutor asked us to think about who the stakeholders of our society were. Suddenly, all of us realised that actually all those who stay or live in this district, including ourselves, could be the beneficiaries. The brainstorming was not totally complete and our plan was far from perfect. Yet we still learnt a lot in the process.

       The COVID-19 pandemic really limited the place we could go and the activities that we could have. However, the LWW Day was still successfully held and we had precious lessons about the community.