Week of Religion: The End of The World?


From 19th to 23rd April, the Week of Religion was held, and the theme – the end of the World, is really thought-provoking. 

      Have you ever thought of what you will do when the end of the world comes? In one of the morning assemblies, some teachers were interviewed to share their views about it. Some teachers said they would feel calm, because there would be nothing they could do. Some said they would feel grateful, because the end of the world means God is coming to the world again. What’s more, some would promote evangelism, that is to tell people to believe in Jesus, some would stay with family and some would do something they have never done before. Of course, if tomorrow was the end of the world, everyone would like to take time to do what they want.

        There is a lot of prophecy about the end of the world – but none of them was efficacious. The biggest one is the “2012 Phenomenon”. The Mayan Prophecy predicted that the world would end on 22nd December, 2012. Many people believed this prophecy because The Mayan Prophecy had been very accurate. But at last, nothing happened.

        As the Bible says, we will never know when God will come to this world again. Yet when we face the end of the world, we should have these attitudes: take the chance to know more about God, don’t focus on a materialistic life and have a hopeful heart.

       Everything has a start and an end. The world will end at last but we just don’t know when. In the Week of Religion, everyone learnt a lot about the end of the world and the prophecies in the Bible. The key message is that we should cherish everything around us so that we will have no regrets.