A Diary Entry (2D Hannah Chow)


Dear Diary,

          I’m so depressed today! I can’t believe I argued with both of my friends within ONE DAY! This was what happened…

          Yesterday was the last day of UT, on which we had a Math test. The Math test was quite easy at the beginning, but then when I finished calculating a very difficult question, I saw my neighbor, well, also my best friend, Joey peek at my test paper. At that moment I started to struggle: Should I let her keep peeking or tell the teacher? Initially I wanted to tell the teacher, but then another thought came —- she’s my best friend and I couldn’t just make her in trouble! Finally, I pretended that I didn’t see her doing it.

          After the test, I kept thinking about what Joey had done, and certainly I was fidgeting. My another best friend, a friend that I’ve ALWAYS trusted, Janice, lives in the same block with me, so on the way home I told her about what happened and what I was struggling about, and warned her not to tell anyone. And she promised.

         But…well, it just ran out of control! Today when I arrived at school as usual, my class teacher Miss Hui told me to see her in the first recess. Time flew and in the first recess, I saw Joey and Janice were there too! ‘Oh no’ I thought, and guess what? Miss Hui found out that Joey had cheated in the test, and yet the worst thing was that Janice was the one who told Miss Hui!

After all the talking and blaming, Joey first walked to me and said, ‘Thanks to you, Hannah!’ Then she ran away with a mad face. I tried to stop her, but Janice grabbed my hand and whispered, ‘She should have her punishment.’ My face turned red and shouted,” If you’d not told Ms Hui, Joey wouldn’t have been mad at me! I trusted you…’ Then she yelled at me, ’Then you shouldn’t have told me, and I wouldn’t have done anything at all!’ And there she dashed away after flying off the handle.

           Oh my goodness! I regret so much! I Had I not told Janice, both of my friends, you know, are still my friends now. What can I do now???

           Diary, I know I wrote a lot, but that’s the only way for me to express my sadness and regret …