The Pumpkin Adventure


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I feel anxious and I tip-toed to the door. When I opened it, a strong wind blew up my hair. The rain, the storm were gone. There was a town, full of pumpkins and houses which were all in orange and green. Yes! Today was Halloween! ‘But why am I here?’ I murmured. ‘ Is this the magic of Halloween? And who knocked on my door?’ I asked myself.

I stepped forward and closed the door. I saw ‘my’ house, the same as the others beside. I also saw the people there, who all looked sad and worried. I wondered what had happened.

Suddenly, the sky turned purple and the purple light storm came down from the sky. ‘ Go find somewhere to hide yourselves! The Dragon is here!’ A girl ran out from a house and shouted. People screamed and all got back into their houses. I felt scared as well. ‘ Dragon? Whoaaa! Can anyone help me? I don’t know where I am, help! ‘ I cried. The sky was getting darker and darker and I saw a pair of big wings in the sky. I looked around and noticed a big pumpkin decoration. I tried to hide there, and the girl who just shouted, came to me.

‘ I’m Jane. ‘ The girl whispered. ‘ I know you’re Leia. And we are in emergency. ‘ She stopped, ‘ You’re now in Pumpkin Kingdom, which was a beautiful place, well, before. ‘

‘ What happened ? ‘ I asked.

Jane sighed. ‘ The Halloween World is supposed to be in three kingdoms, the Mummies Kingdom, Ghost Kingdom and Pumpkin Kingdom. But the Queen of Ghost is greedy, she took over the Mummies Kingdom, and now she tries to take Pumpkin Kingdom as well! ‘ She sneered. ‘ That’s why you are here! To save us! ‘ Her eyes blinked.

‘ Me? What can I do? I can’t even pick up a sword! ‘ I yelled.

‘ I can help you with that. But you must be the one to kill the Dragon, only non-magic people can kill magic ones. ‘ She smiled confidently.

‘ Search for them! ‘ A woman voice ordered. Her voice was like ice, cooling my heart.

‘ Hush, be quiet. ‘ Jane muttered.

I heard foot-steps coming from my back. Jane put a sword in my hand. I didn’t have other choices. I just walked out from the back of the pumpkin and ran as fast as I could to the Dragon. That’s too late when they noticed me. I jumped, almost high like a tree, I closed my eyes, and blood of the Dragon dripped on the ground.

My eyes opened. I was on the sofa in my home. I knew it was not a dream, I could feel it, and I could also feel something in my hand – a pumpkin hairclip. I remembered that’s the hairclip on Jane’s hair.

The wind was still howling and the rain was still pouring. Although I could not say goodbye to Jane, I was certain we would meet again one day.