The Great Adventure in 2040


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I opened my eyes and jumped off my bed immediately to open the door. I was shocked. The person looked the same as me but he was wearing white long clothes. He said, “Don’t be afraid. I am YOU from the future!” At first, I didn’t believe him but he showed me his necklace, which my mum gave me when I was small. I took a look at his clothes. It was made of cotton with printed letters, ‘MSSLW’ which meant ‘Major Scientist Spy Lab World’ on his jacket. Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am a Form 1 student who likes science and doing experiments.

Then, ‘ME’ from the future shouted at me, “Mum and Dad are in danger! I can’t find anyone to help. Please go with me!”

Although I did not reply, he pulled my hand and took me to his time travel machine.

He explained, “This is my new invention, ‘time ship’.”

I wondered, “How can it move? It is just a piece of metal!”

He laughed loudly and pressed a button. Going through a big twirl of wind, suddenly, we were in a well-developed futuristic city. “This is 2040’s Hong Kong!” He said.

The advanced city was filled out with tall, gold buildings, some electricity generators, which could produce electricity from air. I exclaimed, “Wow! It is amazing!”

He said worriedly, “We must find mum and dad now. They were caught by two thieves.”

We followed the ‘Super Good Positioning System’ which was also an invention of the future me. In a flash, we arrived at the place where the thieves kidnapped our parents.

Opening the door, we saw the two thieves who pointed their guns at our parents, just like what we guessed. They yelled, “Don’t move! Otherwise I will kill your parents!”

Just when I didn’t know what to do, the future me smiled and said, “How much money should we give you?”

Suddenly, a voice came out from my brain, “Hey, it’s me. Don’t be so afraid, I’ll give you a ‘light gun’ when I was negotiating with them. Then, you just shoot them when I was giving them money,” he kept explaining. “I know you will be curious about how I can talk to you in your brain. Actually, it is because we are the same person.

Back to reality, ME from the future passed me the gun that he mentioned secretly. Then, he pretended to give them the money. At that moment, my hands were shaking so hard that I could not aim at the thieves. “Calm down,” me from the future speak to me through the brain again, “Try to trust yourself.”

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and “bang”! The thieves fell down. “Hooray!” Just when we were cheering for each other, one of the thieves picked up his gun on the ground…

“Bang!” The future me was shot and his arm bled a lot at that moment. Suddenly, I was filled with anger, hatred and pain. I shot the thief to protect Future Me. A while later, the future police arrived and the thieves were caught while ME, the one from the future, was sent to the hospital.

At the last moment that we were going to say goodbye, he told me, “Work hard. Don’t be frustrated because of others’ bad words and don’t give up. Remember, you must trust yourself. This is the way that we can become a scientist.” He kept on, “Sorry that I can’t go back with you. Yet, this will be the best memory in our heart that we mustn’t forget it.”

My tears rolled down on my cheek. I was sent back to 2020, lying on my bed. Nothing had changed. Just when I thought it could be totally a dream, my phone rang and the call was from ME in 2040…