Extended ending to “The Necklace”


     Matilda couldn’t trust her ears, “I have spent my whole life for the necklace, how is it possible for the necklace to be fake?” Her blood boiled, eyes seemed like turning into a fierce furry tiger, roaring at Mrs. Forester. “Well, calm your nerves down first.” Mrs. Forester laughed, with a sparkling smile, breaking through the embarrassment. “Indeed, I must thank you for your responsible heart to compensate for my necklace, I am quite moved of this. Why don’t we have a walk together in the street? “She tried to relax the situation.

      Matilda couldn’t suppress her anger and her desperation. Every time she looked at her beautiful dress in her closet, she would think of the excruciation of working that hard for ten years, spending a decade to repay the debt just for a fake necklace. For a lot of night, she could not resist herself to murmur “I am to do something back to Mrs. Forester!” Her anger rose from time to time, and she was not that beautiful and joyful after she met Mrs.  Forester. Her animosity was as gigantic as the whole city had offended her. Everything she experienced; she would complain.

      One night, she couldn’t resist herself finally, she decided to assassinate Mrs. Forester at the dim tranquil night, but just as she stepped out the flat, she saw a shiny flickering, gold box lying in the ground. Matilda then opened it and see, out of her expectation, it was Mrs. Forester’s gift to her. “I have bought you a castle to compensate for the ten years you have lost. I hope it will be enough for everything, once again sorry for costing you everything.”

      Her mind was immediately flushed and bubbled with richness. Within dawn to dust, she woke his husband and moved to the castle. Everything there were so sophisticatedly decorated, from rooms to rooms, walls to walls, they are all inserted with a plain of diamond and silver. Even from the long way to the castle, you could smell the heavy gold smell floating around. From nothing till getting a castle with nothing, Matilda was exhilarated, everything unpleasant was forgotten immediately and most importantly, she loved Mrs. Forester much.

      Few days later, a tragedy happened despite the comedy that she got a castle. Her husband died because of a car accident. When she was seeing her husband for the last time, Mrs. Forester was also there. She stared at Matilda and said, “Actually I know what you have thought before and after getting the castle. It is realistic that people forget things after being rich, all people would like to be wealthy, but bear that wealth doesn’t mean anything at last, it couldn’t help you buy back your husband.” Matilda’s regretful tear dropped, forming a river all over the room in the hospital. “And one more thing for you to know, the necklace I have is actually real.”