Extended ending to “The Necklace”


    Matilda was so shocked her jaw dropped to the ground. “It’s fake, you say?” Matilda breathed out. “I can’t believe you never told me!”

    Mrs. Forester replied nonchalantly, “Well, technically you never asked.”

    Matilda sighed. “I can’t believe I actually spent a decade paying the debt when the necklace was fake all along. I wasted my youth on it, and not even the best skincare routine would be able to fix my skin now.”

    Jeanne’s ears perked up once she heard the word ‘skincare’. Her youthful looks were the result of having an A-grade skincare routine for the last 10 years. She knew just how to make it up to Matilda for not informing her that the diamond necklace was a fake. She quickly said goodbye to Matilda and headed home to start her plan.

    The next morning, Jeanne gave Matilda a call, inviting her to a week-long girls’ vacation at the Forester residence. Jeanne planned to give Matilda the time of her life, pampering her with various facials, massages and spa sessions, just to make her feel young and pretty again.

    When Matilda arrived at the Forester residence, she couldn’t help but gawk at the luxurious interior, as well as all the valuable vases and art pieces displayed in the foyer. Mrs. Forester gave her a huge hug as soon as Matilda stepped into the mansion, and led her into the spa room. Matilda was given a fluffy robe by one of the maids, and was told to change into it. After changing, Jeanne Forester and Matilda’s girls’ vacation week was officially started off with a calming hot spring session.

    Throughout the week, the two women had a great time. Soon, it was time for Matilda to return to her shabby apartment. Matilda didn’t want to return to her plain life, but she had no choice, as she did not have the money to give her husband and herself a better life. She bid goodbye to Jeanne, thanked her, hailed a cab and headed back home, feeling young again.

   Few months went by, and her husband came home with another invitation to a party. This time, it was from Mrs. Forester, inviting her to yet another party. This time, the party was held at the Forester mansion. Knowing that Matilda could not afford any jewelry, Jeanne invited her to prepare for the party at the Forester house.

    As Jeanne opened her jewelry box for Matilda to choose a piece of jewelry, Matilda’s eye caught a sapphire necklace, a perfect accessory for her navy-blue gown. She asked if she could borrow it for the party, and of course, Jeanne agreed immediately.

    The night of the party came, and Matilda had a great time. She danced to her heart’s content, and ate until she was so stuffed she could barely breathe. The party ended, and she headed home in a taxi.

    Right as she stepped into her apartment, she suddenly felt the urge to touch her neck for the necklace. “Let me make sure the necklace is here… my neck feels empty.” She mumbles to herself. “Wait. I can’t feel the necklace!” Matilda shouted in horror. She realized that she had lost the necklace once again. However, this time, she has learnt her lesson, and immediately gave Mrs. Forester a call to inform her about the lost necklace.

    In spite of being honest, luck was not on her side, and Mrs. Forester informed Matilda that the sapphire necklace was real. Not only that, the necklace was one of the most expensive necklaces that she owned. Matilda promised that she would find a way to pay back the money, and hung up calmly.

    Despite being calm throughout the phone call, Matilda broke down in tears as soon as the call ended. She had zero ideas as to how to make up for the necklace this time, so she tried to get some sleep.

   While sleeping, she had a dream. In the dream, she is once again in Mrs. Forester’s house. This time, however, she is in a suit. Not in a party dress, nor in her scruffy clothes. Throughout the dream, she works for the Forester family, and takes care of Jeanne’s child.

    When she woke up, she realized that she had already found the solution to her problem in her seemingly meaningless dream. She phoned Jeanne, and told her that she was willing to work for the Forester family until the debt of the sapphire necklace is fully paid. Mrs. Forester agreed to Matilda’s terms, and told her that she can start working within the week.

    Few days go by, and Matilda was standing at the door of the Forester mansion. She rang the doorbell, and waited for Mrs. Forester to answer the door. As she was waiting, she gave herself a small pep talk, trying to calm her nerves.

    Mrs. Forester opened the door. This time, however, instead of offering Matilda a warm hug, she extended her hand and said, “Welcome Ms. Loisel. I hope you are ready for the job.” Like that, Matilda shook her hand and stepped into the house, starting another chapter of her life.