A personal letter


Hi Ronnie,

How are you? It was great to receive your letter. I’ve been doing well. How are your days in Singapore? Have you met any new friends?

It was awesome that you had read about 30 books in the last letter! It sounds very good! However, I’ve read 10 books fewer than you’ve read. I am busy in Hong Kong with my homework. Therefore, I don’t read so many books like you. I love interesting stories so I always read storybooks such as Harry Potter, Three Little Pigs and Peter Pan. It’s really fun during reading.

However, I was not satisfied with my UT results. Although I’ve done a great job in Chinese History and Maths, I almost failed History and even Chinese tests. Chinese Language is very important so I feel bad and downcast. I didn’t suppose to get such low marks. I’m planning to read more Chinese books to improve my Chinese. How about you? Do you have any goals?

In early November, my class went to Shek O. We had a big barbecue together! We ate some fishballs and drank soft drinks. My favourite event is the water bombs. It was very hot that day but the water bombs cooled me down. It was very exciting and fun. I enjoyed a lot. Do you have a picnic day in Singapore? Is it fun? I still remember the time with you. We studied and played together every day. O love those fun days. I really hope that we can play together one day again!

How can you know that the theme of the Gospel Week this year is “Sin! Why So Serious?”. I went to fellowship with my friends. We met Rev. White in the fellowship. We shared with us about his life. He always went to different prisons to share the Bible with the prisoners. His sharing was interesting and his experience was very special! After the fellowship, I sat back and thought about sin. I think sin is inside everyone’s mind and body. We can’t say ‘no’ to it. We need to reduce the times of wrongdoings. We need to do the good things such as the good deeds stated in the Bible. Also, we need to be honest to God and ourselves that we are sinful!

Christmas and the New Year are coming. I want to make a party with all my friends. Do you want to join it? By the way, I hope you can have great fun during Christmas and the New Year.