A mystery location


The mystery location I am going to introduce is… Read my introduction and guess it by yourself. However, the place is so mysterious. You will never guess it correctly. Now, let me introduce it to you. 

First, you can eat and drink there. Every day, there is a set lunch or dinner with discounts. On weekday afternoons, there are many people there like students or people after doing sports. People after doing sports bring along and wear different sports gear. People there are mostly teenagers and elderly . They look joyful there when they are enjoying the dishes and chatting with each other. The dishes there are new and special. The ingredients are all from different countries like Japan and Taiwan. The most famous dish is the curry beef. The dishes are so attractive, 

Second, I can hear the sound of some elderly playing table tennis’ Ping Pong’. Also, I can hear the chatting of people there about the taste of the food and the sports players like Kelvin Love and Stephen Curry. The sound is so noisy and loud. Moreover, I can hear the sound of eating, Crunch, Crunch’. It seems that the food is so delicious, 

Lastly, I can smell many different kinds of food like spicy and hot Malaysia curry and noodles in soup. However, I can also smell the stink of sweat from the adults in the restaurant after doing exercise. The two smells mix together. The smell is extremely disgusting. Luckly, the air conditioners save me. They are really my friends. They make the environment cool and sweet smelling. 

Although the food is a bit expensive, it is convenient and good for students and people after doing sports to relax and have lunch or dinner there. It is because it is in the sport centre. Also, the food is cooked by volunteers who work there. I can feel the food is made with heart. The food, and drinks can energize us to study and do exercise. 

All in all, can you guess the mystery location Correctly ? If you can, then congratulations. I highly recommend you to go there and have lunch or dinner.