Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


Dear Mr. Li,

  I heard that you decided to join the National Cadets secretly, not letting your grandmother know this. She was enraged and strongly opposed to your joining the National Cadets. Although I sympathize with you, of breaking the relationship between you and Grandmother by fighting for your freedom, I still want you to know the possible reasons of Grandmother stopping you from joining the National Cadets, and consider again whether to continue joining it.

  First, Grandmother knows you more than other people and family members, as she raised you. She knows well about your character, and so on. She knows that you are a little reckless, as you did not consider the consequences of joining the National Cadets and joined it secretly before. Therefore, your grandmother may think that you are not suitable for being a soldier, as your recklessness may drive you to do something dangerous. Grandmother’s opinions are true, thus you should further consider them.

  Second, Grandmother also is concerned about your safety. I remember that your father died in the National Cadets. As a Grandmother, undeniably, she does not want this tragedy to happen again on her dear grandson. The sensation of family is strong for Grandmother, and she does not want to lose you. She loves you so much. Therefore, if you want to treat her nicely and be a good grandson, please listen to her words, as she thinks this is good for you.

  Thirdly, Grandmother only wants to make the best choice for you. Although you may not like it, from Grandmother’s perspective, maybe it is the best for you. Grandmother is much older than you, and also more experienced. You are still young, not so experienced at all. Therefore, Grandmother wants to make the best decision for you, just for the sake of you.

  Lastly, I hope you will accept my opinions. I also hope you will consider not joining the National Cadets after knowing the possible reasons of obeying Grandmother. Remember that Grandmother loves you so much. Try your best to obey her, and not to disappoint her.

Best wishes,

Eunice Chung