Reading response to “The Scent of the Gods”


Later I received a letter from Li Shin telling me that he had been promoted to the captain of National Cadets. Also, he told me that they finally had enough military power to fight for their freedom and told us not to worried about him. Since that day, I hadn’t received his letters anymore.

Later, the war between Singapore and the Communists broke out. From the news, Li Yun and I knew that the communist was angry with the action of National Cadets. They sent troops to suppress it. The war lasted for two years. Within the years, a man knocked on the door and gave me a letter with a yellow bullet. The letter was from Li Shin, the commander of National Cadets. He told us not to open the bullet until I receive a red bullet. Since then, that man kept giving me bullet and letters telling me that Li Shin was safe and busy. Two years later, the final war started. The Headquarters of the Communists was being attacked and the commander was assassinated. The National Cadets announced that Singapore was independent. But the brave assassin sacrifices himself.  The survivors found a red bullet and a beautifully packed letter which was later sent to my house. The assassin was Li Shin. He did it, he really achieved his dream.

After some months, a new government was set up. The brave warriors were buried under the memorable garden. To commemorate the success of the independent. As for Li Shin, who sacrificed himself was buried near our father, who also sacrificed himself to protect the National Cadets. They were true heroes.

After knowing the success of the National Cadets and the death of Li Shin, Grandma didn’t show and feelings. But when she turned back, she gave out a smile. “Li Shin, you’re just like your father.”